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Dear friends, we had a hard time writing this text. We bet our ass — it’s literally full of shit: it contains about 7 synonyms for “poo” and a few “asses”. Then again, one of the authors might have Tourette syndrome.

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No shit!

Do you lose crap easily? Can you fall into shit and come up smelling like roses? In PooPee Wars you can do both and feel good about it! A new multiplayer arcade game gives you a choice between the two characters: a fighter for purity and order or a shit-ass of a dog. Whether you want to be laying steamy heaps around the house or chasing the dog with your loyal mop — it’s up to you to choose!

The main characters are Bonny the Dog and Uncle George. They’re both carrying out their own “order”. The dog’s life goal is to poop around the house as fast as he can. He drops hefty turds on the sofa, the slippers, or basically on whatever comes to his buttock. Uncle George cleans up the mess and beats the crap out of the dog. The faster one wins.


  • Two-person multiplayer,
  • Unique rating in crap-and-mops,
  • Extraordinary fun,
  • No blood or murder,
  • And you can take your laptop to the shithouse and give a fair reply if they ask you, “What the crap are you still doing in there?!”

Poop! Turd! Shit! (Pardon)

And we opened - Steam page:

ss 6bba5f0879ffd308cb538e1253534

ss 8c5ec7ead29c889d792bbfccd7a7b

ss 62b9feeb9ddea59bb7c3e1259e9d2

ss 752c210888992c1e67bb837877199

ss aaff288d95dbc87941b963c244a40

ss cd268ff96817868c1dbb3725edf26

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