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Hello! Since we started working again on our project as of May the 1st, some of you may not know about the specifics of how to play Poltergeist. Well, heres is a basic explanation of how to use your most basic power. We call it the "Altering Object" Power ^_^. Click to read more about it!

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In Poltergeist, your objective is to scare everyone in your manor across many different levels. The game is not fast paced, although it looks like. Its a game to sit down for a while and figuring out how to best scare everyone in your home.

In other words, that mans you will have a limited amount of many different powers to use them. The first one being the one we call "Alter Objects". Every time you use it on an active object, it will jolt up and down a little. This will scare everyone in the area and remove them one life point.

Let see this example here, of this nice lady hanging around pretty much empty and "beta test-like" room n_n;.

She seems now at peace, strolling around the room. Now you can see some buttons at the left of the screen. These are your powers. Since this is pretty much a test preview, there are only two powers.. and we are only going to check one :P. Oh well, lets see what happens if we click on the "Alter Power button" which has the shape of a lamp.

You can see that some buttons appeared! These buttons represent the objects that can be affected with this power. If you decide to click one of these, the effect will execute on that object.

Oh, it looks that she is in panic! Thats good for you (tee hee n_n). Notice that she lost one life point (while she runs all around the place ^_^). But also notice that the object went dark. Objects in Poltergeist can only be used once, for any kind of power.

Now when you use a power, you will lose "one use". These videos don't show it. But powers are limited and you cannot waste them so simply. In a real level, you'll need to think on the best way to handle all your powers.

So... what happens when we drain her to her last life? Lets use the Alter Object power a couple more times n_n. Remember to scare them away up to their last ife!

Great! She has panicked, and has left the room. In a real level this would have been a victory, since there is nobody to scare anymore. But if you waste all your powers, and there are still people not completely haunted, you lose the level.

Well... thats it for now. we will keep updating the IndieDB page, and also our official web page in

Don't forget to also check us out on twitter and our Facebook fan page (you can look for all of those in our website!).

That is all for now, soon we will post more about powers in Poltergeist!
See you all soon.

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