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There's a poll running to determine the future of Harvest. Please go take it. It's a "shotgun" question, so you can choose as many of the answers as you want - you are not limited to just one.

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It can be found at

The premise of the poll is to determine which of the themes present in the current implementations of Harvest's storyline (there are two current plotlines being developed for in parallel, which is immensely time-consuming, one more supernatural than the other) are the most frightening. I'll be taking the results of the poll next week (Wednesday night) and using those to combine the two parallel storylines into a single product.

Harvest: Prologue, Part III is due to release next Tuesday. I'm planning to release it Tuesday morning since I don't know how long authentication will take and I want to have it downloadable before Friday so the weekend gamers can get ahold of it. Part III is the third Prologue chronologically, set in 2012, but will be the first to release (followed by Part II, then finally Part I when all three Prologue chapters will be combined into one linear experience). The numerical ordering is planned to be as follows:

0.1 : Harvest: Prologue, Part III
0.1.x : Bug fixes and minor changes.
0.2 : Harvest: Prologue, Part II
0.2.x : Bug fixes and minor changes.
1.0 : Harvest: Prologue Part I
> All parts combined into single custom story.
1.0.x : Bug fixes and minor changes.

Prologue will likely never expand beyond the 1.0.x version, unless major changes (such as custom models in place of standard Amnesia ones) which significantly affect the appearance or play of the game are implemented. Note that Harvest: Prologue and Harvest are two different custom stories (one is just to establish the backstory of the other, so they are set in the same locations), so Harvest will have its own numbering.

On that note, Harvest proper will be released in parts, rather than waiting until December to release all of it at once. The first part will contain the first ten or so maps (I told you I was planning to expand the scope of the project, right?). Ultimately I'd like to continue the story enough to reach the end of the written plot, which may require on the order of thirty maps or more (I will trim down the less exciting or fun sections as much as possible, so it won't be an inaccessibly long playthrough). I would greatly appreciate community opinions on this plan, however, so speak up if you don't (or do) like the "release-as-chapters" idea. It's similar to the Prologue system, but chronologically progressive and continuous, rather than made up of snippets of story independent of one another. Let me know in the comments!

Cheers all, and I'll see you back here next Tuesday!

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