Hiridia: Ungovernable Lands opens a poll about the blocking for knives and bows.

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A fter the last Dev Diary some comments talked about claymores crushing into bows, and how these ones should behave.

It's true that some people might see it weird when a knife or a bow blocks a greatsword swing, so I'll be implementing the 'crush through defense' feature on two handed swords and probably axes, and not only on two handed mazes and hammers.

But even though this makes big weapons crush into blocks, it is only with frontal (up) attacks. So just in case I made a poll for you guys to show your opinion about this.

The poll is located on the mod's thread at Taleworlds Forums, right here:

Feel free to choose whatever option you feel would be the best. Should knives and bows be able to block? Only knives? Only bows? Or perhaps non of them?

xXBerethorXx - - 587 comments

Like I said on the taleworlds forum.
"Bows would get broken when blocking." -Quote from Comrade Temuzu 22/9/2011

"Not a really well-made one. But the majority of bows in this time period are of a lower quality then say, a longbowman's bow which is well made and takes time a quality into its prodruction. How about adding a weapon break system like in Brytenwalda where the lower the quality the bow, crossbow, or dagger the more likely it is to break after sustained damage." -Me, xXBerethorXx 22/9/2011

Helps to keep up with what you say ^.^

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Chezzlor - - 860 comments

I think a breaking system for bows and smaller daggers is great in turn for them able to block. I like.

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RevanShan Author
RevanShan - - 885 comments

If I only knew how to implement that and how it really works...

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STOKK-E - - 292 comments

If they can break it will be fine.
Also make a break system for spears say what you want if an axe or sword hit a spear it would break in real life.

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BraveheartA7X - - 48 comments

What would be cool but probably beyond immposible to code would be if you up block with a polearm speciffically anything with a long wood handle, lets say a spear, it would break in half and you would be left with a peice of wood which would just go away and a small stabbing weapon, like a bad sword or something.

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Wexler - - 1 comments

Block with knives only is my opinion.

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Ca_Putt - - 179 comments

Even tho a good bow would not istantly brake in two a strike from an axe, falchion or a wellmade sword can make the bow useless, as it brakes as soon as you pluck it. So I'd say let them block but brake.

Knives on the other hand (no pun intended) can:
a) be of poor quality and brake on inpact
b) be flung from your hand
c) be made specifically for this purpose.

so as it's not possible to "drop" the weapon, I'd make some brakeable and some normal blocking weapons

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