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Small update cause of the Pokémon X and Y madness. It still contains some enjoyable new content.

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This week’s version of Pokémon3D got a bit less content than the other ones cause Pokémon X and Y came out and the entire dev team and a few staff members played it to the max. It’s awesome. Although this is a major distraction, we managed to make an updated version of Pokémon3D version 0.38: version 0.38.1. It contains mostly bug fixes but also some new features.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Pokémon appear outside of the Daycare on Route 34.
  • added 3 new Pokémon models
  • changed the “Pokédex” emblem
  • new Guide Gent and New Barktown woman scripts
  • added Running Shoes (talk to Guide Gent in Cherrygrove City to get them)
  • Changed some moves and Pokémon data to fit Pokémon X and Y.


  • Private trade text misplacement in the GTS
  • [5235] Certain Pokémon cries crash the game
  • [5236] Safari Zone typo
  • [5238] Run away in Safari Zone
  • [5241] Crash when viewing a model in Habitat Mode
  • [5229] Stuck when using Fly + Repel
  • [5243] [5242] Evolution crash
  • [5240] PC related bug
  • [5256] Waterfalls work incorrectly
  • [5255] Snorunt evolution bug
  • [5253] Unlimited Sunny Day TMs
  • [5246] Move learning bug #1
  • [5281] Lugia script crash
  • [5211] Move learning bug #2
  • [5258] Route 45 Empty Sign
  • [5215] Problem with Achievements
  • [5301] Two typos
  • [5309] Empty sign in front of Tin Tower
  • [5265] Zangoose’s ability is wrong
  • [5269] Riding sprite bug
  • [5333] “Spikes” doesn’t hurt switching Pokémon

wait, changed some pokemon data and moves to fit pokemon X and Y? how big of changes are we talking? I thought this was supposed to be a 3D version of gold/silver/crystal meaning all the stats should be the same as in those games right?

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yea im wth MrPrson with this one that sounds off putting stuff to fix it to X and Y

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I thought the plan was to see if this worked well and keep adding regions. If that is the case there may be an X and Y section eventually.

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i wish someone would make a game like this but for Robopon

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