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Thanks for showing your support through all those comments and questions and the advices, it just makes me wanna keep working hard. In this post i have answered few Frequently Asked Questions plus some copyright doubts.. hope it satisfy some of your curiosity. If i missed any of your question just leave 'em in the comment and i'll answer when and if i can. And i'll keep updating this post!

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General Questions

Okay, Let's start with the most popular question..

Q: Where is the download link... plzzzzz i wanna play?
A: You can not download its not finished yet and still in early development!

Q: Okay, When is it going to release then?
A: IDK.. its like asking someone how much time it'll take you to go from point A to point B without knowing the distance and speed.. And on top of that, there are more than one path to choose.. you can also put it like this, how much time it'll take a person to get out of a Maze considering he never been there before.. it's possible i might end up in a corner where i have to go back and choose another path. But eventually, i'll get out.. i just don't know when! I'll let you know through my by DNSUnlocker"> facebook or twitter page when i'll have some idea about release date!

Q: Can you estimate approximately?
A: Window is big, maybe few months to few years! (that's all i have as an answer)

Q: What about demo, Alpha or Beta Release?
A: Not sure exactly but first pre-alpha demo should be available early next year. (2016)

Q: Which platform it's going to release on?
A: I'm aiming for Windows PC at the moment!

Q: Any future plan for other consoles?
A: Not at the moment!

Q: Will it be free?
A: Absolutely Free!

Q: I wanna donate money.. how can i?
A: You can't, i'm not accepting donation!

Game Questions

Q: What is this game about exactly?
A: Its about Skye who is the main character in the game and his journey to become a Pokemon master just like Ash in the anime. Game is heavily based on story but there will be all the elements of a typical Pokemon game you ever dreamed of doing but in a 3d environment!

Q: Will it be like other Pokemon games? but in 3d?
A: Not exactly.. The game is heavily inspired by Pokemon anime and not based on Pokemon games! So the game experience will be a bit different. Please keep an open-mind "as change is hard but a necessary step to grow!"

Q: Will there be battles and gyms like other games?
A: Of course there will battles and gyms and even League Championship.. your older game features haven't gone anywhere.. you will still be able to do "Everything" you did in other Pokemon game but in a 3d environment!

Q: how many gyms and Pokemon ?
A: 8 gyms, and 1 to 4 generation pokemon.. gym no. may increase though!

Q: Please please please add mega evolution? and shiny?
A: Sorry, there wont be mega evolution.. but for shiny.. i have something even more interesting!

Q: Which region you planning to make game on?
A: Its a new region which i haven't named yet. And so the Map and Gyms will be different as well!

Q: What are the starters then.. ? how many.. please add more then 3 like one from each types?
A: I would like it to keep it a surprise..! (The less your know more you'll enjoy. Seriously!)

Q: What about IV's And EV's?
A: Its not gonna be there.. leveling system will be completely revamped!

Q: Is it Multiplayer?
A: No its a Single player/Co-Op game.. no plans for multiplayer at the moment!

Q: How the battle system will be like?
A: It'll be a realtime battle system! you'll have control over your Pokemon while battling and so much more!

Q: Is this only playable by controller?
A: You can play with keyboard and mouse as well, however you prefer. But i'll highly recommend you to use a controller for better experience at least during battles!

Dev Questions

Q: Are you working alone?
A: Not anymore!

Q: Can i help you somehow?
A: Yes you can, Visit my Website to learn how!

Q: Do you need alot of help?
A: I do not need alot of help, but the quality in help. and someone who genuinely wanna do hard work!

Nintendo Questions

Following FAQ below are to clears some of your doubts about Pokemon IP and to give you a new hope in the worst case scenario!

Q: Is this an official Nintendo game?
A: No, its not! Its a Non-Profit Fan Project and its not affiliated with Nintendo!

Q: What are the intentions of this project?
A: To provide a game that i think people will enjoy. And to present an idea of anime style open world Pokemon game. And to ask Nintendo to make this game official Pokemon game, obviously only if they believe in the project's success!

Q: Why you want license from Nintendo?
A: By having rights to make this game officially, will open the doors to involve money in it. Then we can crowd fund this game and invest money to hire people to make this game better and faster. And with support of Nintendo this game can be what i really planned it to be, which is to make this game as big as "final fantasy xv". And with the love Pokemon franchise and support of Nintendo; it can be achieved easily.

Q: Have you contacted Nintendo yet?
A: Not yet, but i'll ask for their permission to make this game official, after i'll have something solid to show to them.

Q: But they can also shut this game down.. right?
A: If they feel offended or threatened by this game (which is not the intention of this game at all) they can ask me to shut this game down. And I respect their IP and i will shut this game down, if that's what they want.

Q: What if they decline your offer and shut this game down? Will that be the end of the Pokemon Destiny?
A: I'm afraid yes.. it'll be the end of Pokemon Destiny..
But then i'll create a new Pokemon Inspired game which will be different enough so Nintendo wont be able claim copyright! It'll be my own IP. So you will still have a pokemon alike game that you can play, if not pokemon destiny!

Q: Will Pokemon fans enjoy your New Pokemon Inspired Game as much as they'll enjoy Pokemon Destiny?
A: There will be no limit of what i can do then.. So, You tell me!

Q: Why not just create your own game in the first place, and avoid any possible risk?
A: Because there are several benefits in working with Nintendo, than alone starting something from ground up. And I also have faith in Nintendo!

Q: Is there a way i can help?
A: All i need is your support for Pokemon Destiny... share it, talk about it, help me gain more support. And leave the hard work to me..!!

Q: When are you going to contact Nintendo?
A: Soon... When I'll have something Solid to present.. maybe after releasing game's first trailer!


Thank you for answering the questions. I was rally wondering a few of these things.

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glad you posted this, just one question about the concept art. Does it needs to stay with the pokemon style? i mean the kind of enviroments and clothing

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veerchidar Author

Yeah.. Effort is to keep things close to Pokemon style, but since its in 3d a few changes are also acceptable!

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all right, thank you for answering that

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Thank you for posting the Q&A. It cleared a lot of things on my mind :D

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Good job

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i hope you can do like poke planet,like a pre-alpha,IM GUNNA STAY HERE TILL YOU RELEASE!

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Thank you for keeping this single player! I think this will make the game so much more enjoyable.

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i sure can Help you by telling ppl about your game also please ask nintendo about your game

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