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Hi everyone! I hope you all are excited and hyped about the 3.5 as I am, tho, theres alot of testings to do since alot of changes at core mechanics and all, well have fun!

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Download 3.5 version and play now here!


Changes between 3.0 to 3.5:

⊖An attempt to fix the last possible bug that made people lose pokémon.
⊖Increased the auto saving ratio so incase of crashes we dont get these big rollbacks.
⊖Fixed the says crossing walls
⊖Fixed the pokephone button to call for cops.
⊖Fixed a bug that let criminals scents visible for everyone.
⊖Fixed a group of issues with admin permissions when dealing with Feeds.
⊖Fixed a typo in Light Screen that was Increasing SPA instead of raising SPDef
⊖Fixed a bug with lighting when following people outside of custom dark areas,
⊖Fixed a critical AAA bug related to Login System. (thank god this was spotted)
⊖Added Reset Egg Specialist admin verb; ⊖Removed Newbie and Premium Egg group from Farmers Eggs Specialization;
⊖From now on New Pokémon will be added with a "Temporary Empty" Info, untill our Poke Info system gets remade.
⊖Added Ledyba;
⊖Added Ledian;
⊖Added Aipom;
⊖Added Yanma;
⊖Added Wooper;
⊖Added Quagsire;
⊖Added Murkrow;
⊖Changed Bellboyant typing to Dark/Fairy to increase Dark type variety.
⊖Fixed a bug at Legend Database, evolving to pokémon that have specific reqs wasnt working at all;
⊖Added a new Inu only verb that lets me revert evolutions.
⊖Attempt to fix the bug where newbie eggs are still spawning.
⊖People cant release pokémon in safe zones anymore.
⊖Fixed a bug with Jail Monitor, where captains couldnt access the database properly;
⊖Fixed a bug with Jail Phone;
⊖Added a tag to differ when someone is talking on phones;
⊖Removed Login/logout messages to avoid unecessary spam;
⊖Added directional controls on ASDW keys;
⊖Added diagonal controls on numpad (and when numlock is on) (if you dont have numpad, you can still diag with U J O L)
⊖Added Wobbuffet;
⊖Added Girafarig;
⊖Added Dunsparce;
⊖Added Snubbull;
⊖Added Granbull;
⊖Added Qwilfish;
⊖Smoothed down the daylight changes;
⊖Fixed a bug on higher league ranking not giving PC;
⊖Fixed a bug with Ice type damage calculation;
⊖Gym Match Making remade, (as we always had a match making that prioritized similar ranks, they wasnt used, so I changed it in 2 styles and made matching unfitting ranks take way more time.)
⊖Two match making gym modes_ Any Rank (if theres no matching ranks, it will match with any, but will take way longer), and _Same Rank (only match people with the same rank)
⊖Higher evasion rate nerfed from 80% to 60%
⊖The Action Bar is now resized, having now space to display other icons that will be usefull as the game gets more of its battle mechanics;
⊖Battle Stars now appear in the action bar, showing the result of the battle efficiency of your pokémon in a battle, this represents the boosts and debuffs you might be getting in a battle
⊖Fixed Stones Knowledges was still not letting you use stones evolutions;
⊖Fixed a problem with Collector where you couldnt see your milestones and amount of captured pokémon (now boot your pokedex and you will receive the info, and PC is updated at relogs);
⊖Fixed a problem with GYMs "Any" setting, where the matching rate being 10% was absurdly slow, so boosted it up to 70%.
⊖Fixed a bug where you could turn on escape mode in battles after using your action point. ⊖Fixed a problem where Expert perk was being obtainable on workout instead as the intentional winning gym battles.
⊖Fixed a bug where perks given by custom NPCs could get you with more then 6 perks filled.
⊖Fixed a bug that made "thief" work on afk players.
⊖Added an admin verb to send people to jail.
⊖Changed Stones usage, now stones wont break after each attempt, but instead theres a cooldown of 1 hour per stone attempt. (This was doable since now we have geologist knowledges to control and avoid stone metas)
⊖Boosted the bonus given by: Type Specialist, Destiny Duo, Cheerleader, Fanatic, Expert, League Star, Idol, and Charismatic for balance purpose
⊖Score Limit to help with Jail Timer increased from 100 to 200.
⊖Phone calls will display a icon in your action bar, clicking this icon will open your Phone (So you dont need to get lost with the iventory)
⊖When someone register for a Gym Battle, everyone online with the same league ranking will receive a message on their phone, and their phone icon will appear on their action bar.
⊖Added a variant of battle to matching types in Arenas. So fighting in a fitting gym will make difference!
⊖Fixed a few things with Pokemon Evolutions and Pokemon Family tree (Now alolan or other variants count as the same family)
⊖Added Evolution Tiers, this is a power reference that will be used in a short future to balance evolved pokémons with unfitting trainers. (Nothing changes yet)
⊖Added a new gym arena base for poison type, and changed Pewter's to fit the ongoing IC. ⊖Reviewed the moves learnset for Spearows/Fearows.
⊖You will also have a notification on your phone on your previous lost calls, incase you just miss it in your chat.
⊖Beginners always gains 2 stars when they have RPed enough in a battle and won.
⊖Fixed a bug where we couldnt interact with our own pokémon anymore.
⊖Fixed a bug with Surf, it wasnt working since I accidentally replaced its key "W" to the movement command, now Surf will be using "T" key.
⊖Create Pokemon command (that only I had access to) are now logged in a Admin Log file, allowing me to trust the head admin the same command.
⊖Dodgeing an attack will now cancel any effect it might proc, (like you wont burn from a dodge'd move) (PS: this doesnt include blocks).
⊖Fixed a bug with Ban Warnings that reverted when someone accepted death.
⊖Perma Bans notifications now goes through Admin Help channel instead of global chat;
⊖Admin Jail command can also now unjail a player;
⊖Fixed a critical bug with Thief, where stealing a pokemon was just stealing its pokeball and commonly keeping the pokemon with the original trainer, making both unable to use it.
⊖Fixed a critical bug with Thief that wasn´t returning stolen pokémon to their original owner upon being jailed.
⊖A player cannot recreate a character with Pokemons or Items in the capsule shop anymore. (Prevents abuses)
⊖A player cannot make a farmed pokémon into their starter anymore, due to Destiny Duo abuses.
⊖Fixed a critical bug at dodge was created after previous fix, and now nothing would ever be dodged.
⊖Fixed a critical bug at Block/damage functions, it was meant to be impossible to block 100% of the attacks. (Currently the highest block possible rate is, 50% to block the entire damage, and the other 50% damage would vary from 1-20)
⊖Fixed a bug where you could drain life from knocked out (or 0 health) pokemons;
⊖Fixed a bug where not every pokémon could use Surf and Fly;
⊖Fixed a bug with Stone Timers;
⊖Fixed a problem with Season Changes: Pokemons will have its learnset and active moves reseted upon season changes resets.
⊖Fixed a bug where Escape Artist couldnt learn Acrobatics (It needs you to either be a prisoner or ex prisoner to learn it)
⊖Players under a specific TRPP (currently 200) now gains 2x more Roleplay Points to help new players;
⊖Added a new item "Reality Shard" that when broken raises everyone RPP gain by +0.5 untill next reboot (can be used multiple times).
⊖Using Rapid Spin will remove Leech Seed effects;
⊖Fixed a problem with trial Triggers, where they could only teleport the player from the player´s map base location, now it uses the trigger´s base map location instead.
⊖Now teleporters Trial ID Reqs can also use Badges as references, so setting a req to an area to be "Boulder Badge" will require the player to either have that knowledge or that badge. (So we can start thinking on victory road ic relatives as we build the league)

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3.5 changes:

⊖Fixed a roll of problems with a group of items having a typo at their Factory Requeriments, and couldnt get to production line;
⊖Focus Training now works with its own cap, everyone is limited to use 10(Can change at runtime) of their CP into focus training.
⊖Due to balance the game, every Multiplying Boost on Battle Results were equaly nerfed. (This scales down power builds, but their advantages are still there)
⊖Notice: Due to the balance above, wild pokémon are stronger, so be careful on your adventures!
⊖Changed The Chat toward a more modern and powerful version (Able to receive more controls etc):
⊖Player can have and manipulate multiple portraits, by double clicking their char.
⊖Show Trainer Card will now show it on your chat to players around you, hovering the mouse over the card will open its interactions:
⊖Trainer Card shows Badges, League Ranking, Legal Information (if you are fugitive etc), Amount of pokémon you are carrying and your extra Profile text, alongside your Trainer Icon.
⊖Perks will be shown on your chat window, letting you choose to learn it or just ignore it, clicking "Learn it" Button will grant your character said perk.
⊖Move Specialist can now Teach their move to other pokemons with a special training at the cost of using one of the pokémon´s perk slot
⊖New Battle Window displays animations related to the last move used, showing alot more datas using less screen space in the long run.
⊖IC and RP Text are placed on evidence over OOC texts.
⊖Added 62 new Pokémon Perks! (I wont list them all here! But they are explained in the perks guide )
⊖Added new Criminal (or) Trainer Perk: Street Star, gives you power bonus when fighting unnoficial battles;
⊖Added Time Travel Extension maps settings (really great for admin headed events and trials) ⊖Added Spacial distortion Extension maps settings
⊖Added Dialga
⊖Added Palkia
⊖Added Celebi
⊖Added Arceus
⊖Added Treecko
⊖Added Grovyle
⊖Added Sceptile
⊖Added Mudkip
⊖Added Marshtomp
⊖Added Swampert
⊖Added Shuckle
⊖Added Swinub
⊖Added Piloswine
⊖Added two new moves for Space and Time distortions, (Roar of Time and Spacial Rand)
⊖Did some extra adjustment workarounds to deal with byond cache problems;
⊖URLs too large could break your portraits.
⊖The reviews on chat made in previous adjustments rolled back some safety checks.
⊖Adjusted Reality Shards prices;
⊖Another roll of fixes related to icons stopping to display on chat.
⊖Fixed some issues with TRPP.

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