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this is the 2nd map I've made so far... its the start of the US Campaign in Call of War

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Pointe Du Hoc (Left)

This is the Left side of the beach, the bunker which is on the far left is where you climb.

Pointe Du Hoc (right)

This is the Right side of the map, this is where you spawn and you must move to the left side of the map while avoiding MGs and Rifle fire from the cliff edge.

Farm Area on Pointe Du Hoc

This is the Farm which you clear after moving off the cliff edge... a MG42 is located in the red building on the left.

Orchard on Pointe Du Hoc

This is the Orchard which you must move across, while avoiding a Halftrack which bursts in through the Lower end of the Image.

The Artillery

And finally the artillery guns which you must destroy, the map is still not finished, and like usual if there is someone who is willing to help me make the maps turn into Missions please PM me


Try to make the edges for the beach and cliffs less "steep".

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try to put more craters in the ground(i am brazilian sorry for my bad english)

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