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We've added some items, props and more! This is the first update so there wont be many things. There will be more after the tests.

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I'd like to show what have we added, and what is planned to do for next few weeks.


- By choosing ur face/skin while editing ur character or also choosing which side you're on (for example: orc face- Evil, human/elf- Good)
- We've added Isengard to our main map, its not reachable, only for the view for now. (It will be probably added to its special map)
- Uruk-Hai set is now complete
- Elven Lord's Hall
- Most of items added to mod are able to be crafted.
- Near Eye of Sauron we've added some black mountains to make it look better.
- Specific server stuff will be revealed after releasing mod.
- New water look
- New grass texture
- Trees are now swaying in the wind
- Orc camps/outposts added
- Wargs will be only avaible inside Evil fortesses/outposts
- Most of the places on the map are not placed right, all because map cant be bigger. There will be more maps with for example- Minas Tirith and Pelennor Fields, Isengard and Helm's Deep, etc.

Planned things:

- Wild trolls and goblins
- scripts for crafting dwarven items
- Minas Tirith Siege event map
- Tests

And more!

Also check out newest screens that we've added!
Thats all for the moment, be patient as we are ;]
Cheers! We'll meet at Persistent LotR Official Server!

Teo, Persistent LotR Dev Team

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