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This is a release candidate playtest. Many crashes due to desyncs have been resolved (that can be found in the current "stable" release 20121019). Everyone is encouraged to give this one a try and report problems at so we can resolve all blockers to get a new stable release ASAP.

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Release Condition

We currently have just two critical known issues left on our tracker. New stable release may be imminent. Confidence is high, I repeat confidence is high!

Download the latest playtest and report problems so we can iron out all malfunctions. You can find like-minded commanders at #openra on Freenode IRC.


  • Fixed a couple of shroud issues in Monster Tank Madness.
  • Changed C&C: shortened MSAM name. Tweaked cloak time. Fixed descriptions.
  • Changed C&C map Skull Valley: fixes and supports now 8 players
  • Changed Split multiple-production-queue widget logic into its own file (refactoring).
  • Changed C&C AI to build maximum of 1 silos to build to save space.
  • Changed C&C APC gun recoil and muzzle flash made single shot instead of double.
  • Changed Broke C&C production tabs logic into a separate file. Also unhardcodes the production types.
  • Changed C&C Developer Cheats menu got renamed to Debug Options and moved to in-game settings.
  • Added observer shroud selector to C&C.
  • Fixed automatic pause logic behavior to not break user experience and replays.
  • Fixed C&C build palette widget will capture mouse events properly now.
  • Fixed C&C tooltip flickering (increased default tooltip delay to 200 ms).
  • Fixed crash when the discovered NAT device rejects fetching the current port mapping.
  • Fixed crash when host leaves the lobby.
  • Removed InvisibleToEnemy, use plain Cloak for mines. Minelayers can detect them.
  • Fixed desync in Cloak.IsVisible which would break AutoTarget: and crash the game.

We believe this was the last desync issue in our long-standing series of hunting them all down and keeping the game stable throughout epic late-games. Read the FAQ to find out what a "desync exception" is and how to report crashes. We hope you find none in this playtest release.



Puting Aircraft Carriers in would be my wet dream for Open RA!

Just saying...

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