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A new playtest has been released. It includes the "Rounded Edges" improvements for the Dune 2000 mod. A major gameplay and engine change is the per-player shroud. Long-range weapons can't shoot in the dark anymore. The build also includes several new multiplayer maps, mini-games and a new co-op campaign mission Allies04 where you can fight "For King and Country!". Finally: classic left-mouse button orders.

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  • Removed mouse capture while composing text in chat
  • Allow classic left-click mouse orders (optional)
  • Asynchronous loading of minimaps in the map chooser dialog
  • Fix bots being able to become admin status on dedicated servers
  • Spawnpoint map tooltips now display players name in lobby
  • Fixed word wrap when chatting ingame
  • Added a tooltip that shows provided and drained power
  • Allow MOTD to be fetched from file for dedicated servers
  • Changed scroll velocity in map chooser to be better suited for mouse scrolling
  • Fixed grounded airplane not landing properly when ordered to another airstrip or service depot
  • Added per player shrouds (units can't shoot enemies covered in unexplored terrain)
  • Don't hardcode READY/HOLD and custom prerequisites anymore for easier translation
  • Removed sound attentuation for PlayNotification sounds - fixes the Extreme cashtick sounds


  • Map editor now saves and loads from OpenRA user folder
  • Fixed map editor failing to import legacy maps
  • Template categories are now ordered by what is specified in the tileset yaml
  • Added terrain category types to RA Snow tileset
  • Fixed terrain categories for two river tiles in RA Temperat
  • Add terrain category types to RA desert tileset
  • Fixed wrong palette remapping for neutral buildings

Red Alert:

  • Added Allies03 mission
  • Added Allies04 mission
  • Added Soviet01Classic mission
  • Allies02 mission - reduced difficulty of the 16 minute reinforcements
  • Allies02 mission - can build medic and spy at captured barracks
  • Added Desert tileset - original and new tiles ported from Tiberium Dawn by Harrison, code by Matt
  • Fixed graphics for craters for Snow maps (art by MrFibble)
  • Ice Floe actors work in maps now (sequences were missing)
  • Brought back music track "Mud" into the playlist
  • Replaced supply truck graphics with aftermath SHP which has a shadow (via Arda)
  • Added hotkeys for aircraft, vehicles, ships, infantry
  • Fixed broken shadows on GPS dot
  • Fixed Chronotank teleport causing a desync
  • Fixed replay crash when a Chronotank tries to teleport
  • Fixed Chronotank death causing a crash before teleporting
  • Fixed maps Chaos Canyon and Bomber John
  • Added map: Room Convergence (Sunny Sproket)
  • Added map: Ghost Town (hamb)
  • Updated map: Bombardment Islands (czech army)
  • Added mechanic
  • Added in-game player statistics for observers
  • Added support for map difficulties Oil derricks are now repairable by engineers
  • Added new map: "Bad Neighbors" (Nukem)
  • Renamed airstrip to airfield in tooltip.
  • Don't remap civilian buildings/fields in-game.


  • Added missing line of sight for Chronotank
  • Chronotank damage upped from 20 to 30 per rocket and damage improved vs heavy armor
  • Demo truck cost from 1500 to 2500
  • Demo truck health from 110 to 50
  • Demo truck speed from 8 to 6
  • Disguised spies are now invisible under enemy GPS
  • Heroes and missile silos are now limited to one per player
  • Volkov got a new armor type: cybernetic for individual balancing
  • More health points for Volkov to make him the 4tnk equivalent of infantry
  • Medics can't heal Volkov, send him to repair pad or mechanic instead
  • Dogs can't eat Volkov and tanks need two attempts to crush him
  • Reworked Volkov death sounds/animations (Cyborg version from German RA)


  • Corrected music.yaml track titles
  • Fix wrong civilian field remapping in-game

Dune 2000:

Merged the Rounded Edges Mod by Jes and Bellator:

  • Bibs have been removed Building offset and selection boxes adapted
  • Units and turrets leave husks
  • Siege tank barrel won't rotate anymore
  • AI capable of building all units using all queues
  • Bullet traces
  • Windtrap and IX Research building animations
  • New unit balance (mix of Dune II, Dune 2000 and Red Alert)
  • Repair pad animation
  • No more obsessive "silos needed"
  • Defense building queue → heavy armor queue
  • Medics (using thumper graphics)
  • Aircraft are no longer buildable
  • Harvesting has been slowed down
  • Replaced blank shellmap with random multiplayer stills
  • Starport requires energy to operate

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I just love reading well-written and lengthy changelogs! :D

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