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Hello again! We continue our batch of new Poltergeist powers updates! Today we will show you the "Call" power ^_^. Click to read more about it!

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So, one thing you need to know about Poltergeist is that your powers usually will work on "areas" of the level. This means that one character might not get scared if you execute a power in an area which is in not the same area the character is.

Well, lets check an example of a character that will get scared, but another won't:

First, OK, we changed the button placement, we are experiment on where to put them for now, however, bottom seems to be a good idea n_n.
Second, yes the power now have a counter, this will show you better that in each level you will have a limited use of powers n_n.

Now, as you can see, the first character got scared, panicked and left the level (she only had one life mind you, as the other character).

But the other did not get scared with your Alter Object power ability, because she wasn't in the room, so she doesn't detect it. Its kinda difficult to detect rooms in a level, but don't worry, in the future we will use the super sophisticated intuitive method of putting doors to separate them :D.

But wait! You have another power, with a bell on it! Its called the "Call" power. With this power you can make the nearest character get to the area you specified. Lets try it in the empty area!

Well, she has become curious of the "sound" (there will be sound, promise!) you have executed and she has come over to investigate. She will stay there for the rest of the game. But well, now is your chance, scare her away!

Good! She has run away n_n. Well, this is a very small update on how to use the "Call" power. We will keep updating the IndieDB page with more news regarding the use of all powers of Poltergeist. (you can see we have lots to show you :D!).

There will be also more updates regarding new character designs, props and more. We don't want you to swamp on only powers.. but the they are the center of the game, and hopefully they work and look cool n_n. And well, you saw there are more icons (and there will be even more :D)

Thats it for now, see ya!

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