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Here's a few of the spells I've been modding and playing around with recently. Finding animations that are both suitable *and* work is tricky. Most spell anims. are linked to an actor animation specific to a particular creature, usually an animation that player models simply don't have. This means that trying to use them results in either a crash, or an 'invisible' move. As such, it's a matter of doing what we can with the few special effects available!

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This is a link to the YouTube video. A couple of spells and enemy skills are shown, though it's more a play around than a serious showcase. Still, I thought you might find it interesting.

Some of these make a little more sense if you take into account how other skills have been nerfed. As White Wind no longer cures statuses, you'll have to rely on Penance for a full party-heal, but that's at the cost of damage (I'll probably make the damage penalty far smaller if actually implemented, though). Night fully cures the whole party for only a little MP, but inflicts Sleep and Dark - etc. etc. You get the idea - lots of double-edged spells. Of course, with a Water Ring you can block Deluge, with a Headband you can spam Night - but accessories will be important, and committing your one Acc. slot for a single spell will be a pretty significant decision...


Hi. I saw the New Materia thread on GameFAQs, saw the vid, searched for REBIRTH, and found this. So I'm new, ya.

Anyway, those are some nice effects, and I believe they'll do. I especially love the creativity of the ideas behind the spells. The "tit for tat" philosophy. Really excited.

How many of you are working on this project anyway, if you don't mind me asking?

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