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Hello And Welcome back to S.U.R.V.I.V.O.R Today we have a discussion about the building aspect of the game and we wanna let the users they opinions

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Hello And Welcome back!

It's been a while since our last update, but we have slowly been making progress.

Sadly, my computer holding the game content and source code had some troubles and as inaccessible, but most of the work has been recovered. I have since re-installed and should be back to modding as soon as I can re-install all the vital apps (3DS Max, UDK ect). Hopefully you'll bear with us briefly.

On the programming side I have been working on some of the game's features:

- Works quite well in multiplayer and once most of the issues are ironed out it should be ready to show.

On a different note, we'd like some feedback from the community. Obviously a main aspect of Survivor is building things, be it your shelter or tools. We have come up with two different approaches to building in Survivor:

  • RTS Scheme

On pressing a definied button/key your view switches to a RTS-type camera and there you can freely move arround select the house or building you want and place it anywhere around the map. This is beneficial as it allows you to be more strategic as to where you place your shelter. The downside to it though, is that there isn't as much creativity as the next idea:

  • Minecraft/Terraria Scheme

A lot of you may know about the games Minecraft and Terraria. These games allow you to place block down of various types (Wood, Stone, Dirt...) and create to your hearts content. We have been thinking of a similar system where you have to collect these resources and place them down as blocks in first-person.

Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages and we feel it's best left to the community to decide which they should have. Drop us a comment below voicing your vote, or maybe a system we haven't thought of yet! We'd love to hear it.
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- Alvaro

FamousSpear - - 503 comments

Hi guys what about a system similar to the Sims(particulary the Sims 2 desert Island stories or something like that) basically it would be close to a combination of the two ideas you have, in the sims game you collect resources, and then depending on what resources you have or your skill level (i think) it allowed you to build diffent types of wall or object, then you build your shelter one wall piece at a time, the more skill and resources you have the stronger the type of shelter you could build and the less time you would need to spend repairing it from storm damage etc. you can also have prefab style buildings that you placed as a completed structure when you had gathered enough resources.

I think this would be good as it gives you an RTS view which is good for being able to see the space you have and where to place your walls etc. which is often difficult and a bit fiddley in FP. So you get the freedom to be creative with the ease of control of being able to see your plan.

Alternatively you could have some kind of 'Blueprint' screen, where you take an area of the land, put it done on paper than plan out your stucture in a 2D or 3D plan (whatever planning system you felt worked best) choosing the types of material etc. and it keeps a running total of the resource requirements, then when you are done planning you gather the resources and place it down RTS style as the finished building, perhaps with a construction time, which is essentially automated. (either with your character moving around building it or just an X time passes and it's done system)

The game is looking really cool :-)

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Kannata - - 4 comments

Yeah, that's a great idea.

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