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To make sure you stay in touch with the progress on Prison Island we set up a twitter account you can follow, so you're always up-to-date with things we're doing. I'm also introducing you to our new "business model" which could be just what you was looking for.

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Hello Folks!
What a start into the new year.
Yes, I know, it's a bit late to say so but lets just be happy that we're here and not gone.

Let me explain what we were doing all the time.
While the progress on Prison Island is very slow (but steady) we were thinking of what to do
with PlayBlack Studios. It seemed to be a shame to just to use it for one single Project.
We thought, there must be more, much more than this.

So we came up with a plan, which I'm not going to discuss too detailed but I'll explain the rough idea.
Since we call our group a "Studio" (which is exaggerated but we don't really care ;) )
we thought, we would need more projects inside our ranks.
More people and a pool of ready-to-use content for everyone working on a project for PlayBlack.

What to do then?
Well, the answer was very easy.
Scratch the old website first, create a completely new one which can logically hold an unlimited amount of projects and member. Scratch the old webserver and get a root server to set up a fast and stable infrastructure for a team to organise (which includes a bugtracker, a wiki, a forum, an SVN Repository and a place on the playblack website)
and let people use it for free.

How exactly this is going to work, you will see when you get the chance to use our stuff.

So, now that you know about our new business model kind of stuff,
let me introduce you to our twitter account.
We will inform you there about the current progress on PlayBlack Studios
and, of course, we will inform you about the progress on Prison Island.

If you want to see the current progress on the website,
Be warned though. It's everything but stable at the moment and no, you won't get any access details yet ;)
However, if you feel like searching for any bugs or security holes, do that but be nice and
send us an email with the details about what you just discovered.
That would help a lot.

Note: Experiencing normal errors like "DB Access denied" are no bugs, they are there because
I'm often working on the DB access layer to optimise things.

That's about it for today, folks!
Thanks for reading so far.

Kind regards,

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Was supposed to be Company News but somehow it is not.
It got archived (not relevant eh?)
and yeah ... I wonder how much people will still read this ^^

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**** that. It's nice to see you're alive and well living!

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Thank you very much :)

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