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We now have a Test Client available via Tortoise SVN. Connect and download now!

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Get Tortoise SVN from the link above and install it anywhere you like.
This program will check-out the Renegade Coop test client once we are ready to do so.

Step 1: Create destination folder
Create a folder somewhere called "RenegadeCoopTest" (not inside the Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder!!)

Step 2: SVN Checkout
Right click the RenegadeCoopTest folder you created in Step 1 and choose "SVN Checkout"

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Step 3: SVN Details
On the next screen enter the link to our Renegade Coop Test SVN which is listed below and press OK
SVN Url:

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Step 4: Enter Login Details
SVN User: test
SVN Pass: testing
At the next prompt you will be asked to enter your username and password.
For username you enter "test" and password "testing", also make sure you tick the option "Save authentication".

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Downloading Files
Now press OK and it will start download the game files:

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Download Complete?
When the SVN finishes downloading the files you need to create a shortcut to the game.exe on your desktop for example.
Goto the Properties of this shortcut and in the Target-box you enter the following for example:

D:\RenegadeCoopTest\game.exe +connect +netplayername "Nickname" /multi -launcher

If you have your folder in the C drive at C:\RenegadeCoopTest the target-box would look like this:

C:\RenegadeCoopTest\game.exe +connect +netplayername "Nickname" /multi -launcher

Remember to change Nickname into your actual name, without spaces.

Now run and install the vcredist_x86.exe and then the DXSETUP.exe found in the "AllNoobs\Prerequisites" folder.

Run wwconfig to set your resolution options and such. Click your Graphics card in the window when doing so.

Now double click your shortcut and it will join our server where you can play with other testers and players.
Note that sometimes we have to restart the server and it may be unavailable sometimes, though it's online most of the time.
Also note that we sometimes update maps and code files on the server which means your client will attempt to download them automatically, this may take a min :)

SVN Update
If you want to make sure you have all the latest files simply right click your RenegadeCoopTest folder and choose "SVN Update".
This will then download the latest files from our SVN Repository.

Thanks and have fun

For questions you could always join our (voice) chats on our discord server or #Coop.


why not Git?

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zunnie Author

Git doesn't allow big binary files i think? Only code files.
The SVN server we run allows all that and it is great for pushing updates to players whom are testing it.
We could maybe move to git once testing phase is over. I am working on a SDK which includes the editor, dedicated server and vc2012 code.
I should have Mission 01 done next week or so, i don't have time to finish it this weekend :(
PS: Drop by on discord? :)

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zunnie Author

Speaking of updates: The client is now updated with the latest Renegade patch from Tiberian Technologies, v 4.3. In addition to this the code is now built in Visual Studio 2015.

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About Time someone made a Mod that adds Co-op.

Gonna try this out with a Bud.

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zunnie Author

Very nice, thanks man, let me know what you think of it so far, remember it's not completed yet. There will be more bots, dropoffs and things like that of course.
PS: Drop by on our discord? :D

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As somebody who grew up on this game, I'm more than excited to see this come to fruition! Glad to still see you kickin' Zunnie. Keep up the good work and make this happen!

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zunnie Author

Thanks :) Do you have Discord by any chance? :D

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