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The release plans have shifted slightly - they are aimed at a full-fledged release in the first quarter of 22 years. Google Play was planned to be released on December 25, 2021, but due to politics, issues had to be resolved for two weeks. And so, when everything was decided, we finalized the early access version and published it in the Play Market.

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Changes (v 0.55):

  • fixed bugs:
    • activation of the demo user after surfing in the authorization menu
    • the loading process freezes after creating a new user


ps, write a review in the market - I will be grateful)

Changes (v 0.5):

  • minor bug fixes
  • access to the demo user has returned
  • release in the play market:
    • increased system requirements for android from KitKat (4.4+) to Lollipop (5+)
  • battle pass:
    • season 1
    • daily/weekly/monthly questions
  • graphics:
    • increased the glow of projectile effects
    • post-processing
  • added a surrender button during combat
  • highlighting the warriors with the colors of the teams (green - your own; red - your opponent)
  • optimization:
    • system optimization
    • environment optimization
    • productivity in the menu has increased by 4

Hello Google Play (play market):

We walked for a long time, and finally came. We were met with the door closed. This was expected because the game is similar to MineCraft. I had to prove and compare for them that this is not a "mine". In response to the failure of the plan and the accusations, as well as the negligence of the agents, we will try to get into the beta market on the PC, well, or whatever else we will ask them for. To which they will say no

We had to raise the system requirements for android-based smartphones - why?, but just like that šŸ˜Ž In fact, we made a comparison with WoT Blitz - and as the tests showed, we have a less loaded application - but it was like that before, now it is unknown... It is necessary to test again. Of course, potatoes are the gods of optimization, but we also try.

I want to write more about optimization, but so far there are no significant results. As soon as it is, I will describe everything in more detail.

Battle Pass:

What a session game without a battle pass... At the moment, the pass is scarce and available to everyone. In the future, when heroes and cosmetics for them appear, the pass will be filled with rewards at each level. The pass will not be divided into premium and regular, it's just that progress can be earned only in multiplayer, and it will be paid in the future - through a premium account. You have to pay for servers.

Battle Pass

The questions are simple and are given in random order, which are divided into 3 types: daily - 3 questions per day; weekly - 5 questions per week; monthly - 10 questions per month. The higher the type, the greater the reward - progress in battle pass.


As previously mentioned, all the beauty and sounds will be added later - it's not very difficult, now the priority is the stable operation of the systems and the game itself.

And now, the time has come to the picture! Added a weak post-processing: a little bloom; color correction; antialising; and something else... The picture has become softer and more pleasant to our eyes.

Post-processing 01

Post-processing 02

Write your opinion about image processing - we will change it if something is wrong.

Friend or foe?:

We know, we hear, we see that it is difficult to navigate - where is which base. The first steps to simplification are colored illumination behind obstacles and a colored circle of choice of warriors (green is one's own; red is a rival).

Friend or foe 01

Friend or for 2

These are the first steps - then we will change the bottom panel for convenience and future use.

Tell me, is the circle of choice not too dim?


The list contains old items from update 0.25. The reason is simple - the update was not planned at that moment, they wanted to roll out a big patch - and this is it.

Also, new items have been added to the store. The activation of the reward from the combat pass is automatic, but perhaps this is a temporary solution. Tell me, which is more convenient for you - what would fall into the inventory, or auto-activation?

Other 01

Other 02

Other 03

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