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This is a short article to on why you should play Dune 2k or even Dune 2k Advanced. Note that the d2k player base is very small. You should join OpenRA general chat on discord and ask if someone wants to play.

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Why should you try Dune2k?
Dune is very different from the other two OpenRA mods, it has a more complex tech tree and challenges you with many tasks at the same time. Keeping harvesters safe from sandworms while making an attack and remembering to build concrete foundations for structures can be quite challenging.

You will also soon notice that head on army engagements don't work very well, everything just dies without bringing victory any closer. More finesse and scheming is required. Good commanders will do feigned attacks and diversions to get into the base of the opposing commander and quickly destroy the fragile structures.
Individual units are not as important. Having a few forces in the right position at the right time however decides games.

Dune2k is a game about building and positioning big armies on often huge and open maps, to defend against raids from unexpected angles and, in turn, making the one attack which wasn't anticipated.

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