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That's right folks, I started a devlog. Here I talk about Plataforma, what changed I've made, and what's coming. In this particular episode I talk about the NEW Puzzle levels, and some changes I've made to the camera.

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Hey there and welcome to Plataforma's devlog!

What's this devlog about?
I am planning to make a series of Devlogs where I talk about Plataforma, what changed I've made, and what's coming.

What's this episode about?

In the first episode I talk about Puzzles pack and changing the way the camera moves. I show a few puzzles levels I made. Also, I've made a few aesthetic changes to the menus.

You can watch either on or embedded here:

Plataforma has already been released, and you can play it on either Windows or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
You can download it by clicking on this button:


What makes Plataforma special?

Plataforma is a platform game which gives you the opportunity to make it YOUR game. You can modify levels (even make new ones from scratch!), modify the character's skins, and even make the sprite sheets.

Plataforma's promo imagesPlataforma's promo images

How can I contribute to the game?

  • Creating characters
  • Creating sprite sheets
  • Creating levels

If you made a cool looking character, a fancy level, or a hefty sprite sheet, you are more than welcome to post it on the forums:

  • Participating on our competition! You have time until Friday to show your high score. More info here:
  • Making a review ( )
  • And now, you can donate via paypal

Please note that Plataforma is free, and will continue to be free. I'd appreciate if you could send a buck or two, as it helps me to continue focusing on Plataforma.

I hope you enjoy both the game and the devlog!


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