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2 New levels , New enemy , Improved AI , New Legos!

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New levels!

I remake old levels:

The Darkest Place in Bedroom: I accidently deleted level 2 (or The Darkest Place in Bedroom)so I created a new level! Whole level is completely changed! Same theme but includes more fun and more features. Level’s name is changed to "The Battle Of Liberty"

The Great Bedroom War: I remaked this level.Added new features on this map. Now you have better fight arround Teddy bear. And level’s name is changed to "The Great Fall Of Teddy"


  • Now you can crouch with "Left CTRL". You can better cover your self from enemies
  • Automatic reload added to the game
  • Now you can see your guns and switch between 1 and 2
  • M4A1 running bug fixed
  • Now there is a background music while in combat. For now music only plays in combat
  • When your health decrease too low, an heart beat sound effect plays and background music volume is fading
  • Motion blur effect increased!
  • While aiming with any gun , new vignetting effect applying on camera


  • Now enemies have sight!
  • Snipers added to the game! They are aiming and shooting to closest enemy in sight.But most of the snipers deals huge damage and knockback effect.But you can see a laser that shows sniper’s target
  • Now enemies are not directly shooting at you.Instead of enemies are shooting last position that player in sight
  • Now enemies are stops while shooting
  • Now ai waiting if there is no enemy in sight
  • AI improved


  • Graphic option bug fixed
  • Legos are changed! New legos is better for performance
  • Now legos are colorful! Some of the lego’s color is changing
  • Now there are 4 lego types! Lego1 smallest, Lego2 Small size , Lego 3 Middle Size , Lego 4 Wall Size
  • Legos have normal map now! You can see roughness if you get too close
  • New decay! In level 2 you can see blood as decor on floor
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