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A few things that will most likely be added into the mod.

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Plans for the mod.
Some of you have gotten the wrong idea about this mod. You think it is meant to be pure retarded. Yes I have made some retarded skins, but that doesn't mean the whole mod will be stupid. The mod will also have good skins, along with some stupid ones. The maps will all be very well designed and fun to play. You will discover easter eggs(also known as "Secrets"), and during the storyline you will discover some rather random funny things.
Of course, there will be new npcs, new weapons, etc. There will also be the old ones too. Many weapons are overpowered/underpowered. You may wonder why I did this. Well, its to change up the game a little. Normally when you see a gunship your first instinct is to grab the rpg. That will do no good in this mod, as the rpg can barely kill a headcrab.. Now you will use the throwing crowbar(read on for more info about this) to take out gunships, helicopters, etc. As for the overpowered weapons..Well as we know in a firefight you always wanted the guns such as smg1/ar2/etc. Now your best friend will be the Crowbar, as it does 10,000 damage. Why so much? To kill all npcs on the ground in one hit and send them flying. Don't worry though, your favorite weapons such as the smg1/ar2/357/etc.. Are not underpowered
New NPC ideas.
Clowns - These npcs are well... clowns.. They don't use guns, they use flowers that squirt water to kill people. However.. the water is contaminated.
Headcrab King - This is a boss you fight in the storyline, a huge headcrab that isn't easy to kill(even with your crowbar!)
Cheese - You really think I'm kidding don't you? You seriously will fight cheese in this mod..
Blue team - An npc used in the Paintball minigame(see the minigame section of the news for info)
Red team - An npc used in the Paintball minigame(see the minigame section of the news for info)
And a couple more that you'll find out about later.

Also, npcs do more damage with certain weapons, which proposes a challenge to you. As in regular hl2 when an npc used an smg1 it did 1 damage, now it does about 5.
New weapon ideas
Throwing Crowbar - What do you think it is? its a freaking crowbar that you throw. It is not nearly as powerful as the regular melee crowbar.(it does about 150 damage)
Ar3 - An amazingly powerful weapon that shoots a 3 burst of combine balls.This weapon however is only allowed in a few levels of the game.(Don't think the impulse 101 command is gonna give it to you either:D)
mp5k - Yes, I plan on bringing the mp5k back.
Nuke - Yes at one point in the game you plant a nuclear bomb!!
Magic Box - A cardboard box that shoots out random objects such as toilets/vending machines/etc at people.
Paintball Gun - Used in the paintball minigame(see the minigame section of the news foor more info)
The Screamer - A powerful single shot sniper rifle that shoots a bullet so fast it makes a high pitch scream sound.
and there's a couple more you'll find out about later.
The mod also features other things such as minigames. In your menu "minigames" will be an option, it will pull up a box with a list of minigames. These minigames consist of things such as paintball. You have probably seen the map for my paintball minigame. It won't be the only map there will be several. Also, the current picture of the paintball map, don't worry its not complete. its actually only about 50% complete. Anyways, in the paintball minigame you will either spawn as Red Team/Blue team. The red team will have a model similar as this picture data-->
Blue team will have the same model, except the red will be replaced with blue.
After you spawn you will have the option on what gun you want. The options will be semi-automatic/automatic, then you can choose the color, red/green/blue/white/black.
After choosing your gun you run around and shoot people. It is a one shot kill, so you have to be careful. Different maps hold different game modes. Some of them are no respawns, get shot your out the whole game. Other times its team deathmatch, free for all, capture the flag, etc.
There will be many other minigames as well, this is just one of them.

I need some help in this mod.
I need the following:
Texture Artist
And anything else except mapping and beta testing.

Also, how can I solve the glitch that says "Session Data" at the end of all my post. It randomly adds it.
<!--Session data--><!--Session data-->



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