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Hi everyone!

So, today's topic is:

So, here is the current idea,...

I'm thinking about making their units modular, you build the base unit frame and you can upgrade it to a few options, even thou it could lead to a very "generic" look, it can also be pretty interesting and somewhat different(gameplay wise).


a light unit frame could be upgraded to: scouting(long-visual range and high speed), anti-infantry, anti-vehicle and anti-aircraft.

(Test art)

Heavy Frame: Anti-air Tier 1

And each of those could have their own upgrades, so pretty much a tier system which would probably replace unit veterancy altogether.

As for weapons, I'm not yet sure...As energy based weapons can be reflected(laser\plasma) they wouldn't be very effective in combat and it would limit their range...So probably projectile based weapons, just better than ours.

About the "realism" part, frankly modular weapon systems exist and as technology advances we get stuff that just get more and more generic(visualy) as everyone searches for a efficient design, you can see that on 5th Gen Aircrafts as well as on commun electronics.

Got any ideas\suggestions? PM me or comment bellow

Wanna help with this project(code\models\textures\maps)? PM me or comment bellow

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