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My first plans and progress article for HLMW OP4.

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Welcome to my first plans and progress article for my new mod!

First let's look at the first map


bandicam 2021 04 02 20 54 16 332

20210402205934 1

20210402221334 1

Plans for the rest of the map:

After going through the enemy base entrance you will go into storage room and the lights will go out. This will be the mod's first C.I.A encounter.

Other plans:

Gonna add an bradley to the other side of the bridge which has to be destroyed for it to stop shooting at you.

Now for some npc's.

Friendly terrorist

bandicam 2021 04 01 22 21 55 467

Terrorist medic

bandicam 2021 04 02 13 14 15 556

Terrorist engineer

bandicam 2021 04 02 13 14 35 253

S.A.S Grunt

bandicam 2021 04 02 22 08 19 674

C.I.A Grunt

bandicam 2021 04 02 19 18 38 646

Now for a new weapon:

as recommended by Beytah Man in the Half-Life: WAR Discord server


20210402222523 1

made by me

And now for some changes from ep1

MP5 is replaced by M16A4

Silenced glock is replaced by Beretta

New menu music:

And now for the ending.

Join the HLMW Discord server:

If you want to help me out with the mod send me a private message on moddb or send me an email. My email address is



Looks interesting! But if you want it to be closer to Modern Warfare, make the bad guys be Russian Ultranationalists and add Russian nationalists too (Russian good guys from Modern Warfare with Kamarov)

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