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we planed to create the game into this way here are the informations:

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plan to contain this features:

class system
the class system is a feature for those characters who cant fly as example naruto
but naruto can walk on buildings
to say this short every character will contain their own abilites
that would make a good balance between all characters from each anime since not every
character cant do any ability.

RTT also called as REAL Time Transformation we thinked about to if a character reached the Powerlevel he need to
transform to make a short animated transformation video WITH OUR MODELS
as example: ruffy have 3.000.000 PL then just press T and he transform with a 10 secound video to Gear 2 form

automatic heal up
your Powerlevel will slowly heal up to max also like your energy level if you lost much health your energy level and powerlevel decrease slowly down
example: you have 100&#xli;fe and after your opponent attacked you with an ultimate attack you got only 20% , then your powerlevel AND energy level decrease slowly down

every character will contain super moves like kamehameha or Fuuton rasen shuriken
we may add a skill system were you can add your attack or change it with your current one
every character will contain 3 super moves and one Ultimate move

Ultimate moves
every character will contain 1 ultimate move (tranformed one may get a new ultimate attack) you will need to be at max energy level
to use an ultimate attack, after using it you will lost your energy level to 1 and your energy level will fill up slowly

we will work on a BIG OPEN-WORLD MAP with map as a map selection
that means if you walk trough the world map and find a city you can enter the city map by pressing a button

all characters have the ability to use BOOST , in the BOOST mode your strength, speed and jump power will be increased
NOTE: by using it you will lose rapidly energy!

Combo fight
melee is a speedfight here but you also can use combos, this doesnt affect your health or energy points.
you can smack your opponent far away from you with a smack attack

BOND will be a game based on the modifikated IOQUAKE3 engine from ZEQ2Lite
we will add all features we wroted above
speed fight ,melee,combo, transformation and more features will be added

Title screen
the Title screen will contain 3 selections
close game

in the play button
you will be to choose your favourite character and enter the open world map
SERVERS will of course be added
NOTE: after you select your favourite character you can choose openworld or servers
in the openworld you can choose your map only or open your own server

in options you can of course change the resolution and more stuff

close game: close game and see the creditsstay tuned!any coder can send me an PM any help is needed :D

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This sound really a good plan but why is the same like the in first page,there you can post some random videos from anime?

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