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Purpleinkflame inspired me to write out this news post for you folks! Instead of giving a link to another website, I'll put all of this stuff right here where you guys can access it more easily...

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Purpleinkflame inspired me to write out this news post for you folks! Instead of giving a link to another website, I'll put all of this stuff right here where you guys can access it more easily... This is all of the necessary information for you guys to know what exactly STALKER TAINT is... I have changed a few things as far as background goes, to make for a better read. And I'm sorry if this is a long read... bear with me here.

This would be a total conversion mod. It will have absolutely NOTHING to do with STALKER or Chernobyl. DON'T STOP READING! HEAR ME OUT!
-I want to use the X-Ray engine to make a whole new game (F*CK X-Ray 1.5).
-The game would be a FPS/RPG of Warhammer 40,000. I have yet to see a cool First Person game in the Warhammer 40,000 setting. And I think it would be really cool, and I think the X-Ray engine is up to the task.
-You can play from multiple perspectives, IE, you can play as the AWESOME Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines), or Index Astartes (Chaos Space Marines) or even the Imperial Gaurd, or maybe a Chaos Cultist. Maybe even you could play as a Lesser Daemon. Obviously, the different Warhammer Gods would be in play here. Meaning you could be a Chaos Space Marine, but follow the path of Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeench, or Slanesh. I think we could achieve this by having the game start out with a black screen behind a dialog box asking "Who you are" and giving you the said choices. Then have different starting points and equipment for each choice.
-Not much map changing, just Re-Textures, and some modification in 3ds, to give it that Grim Future feeling of Warhammer.
-New weapons and such to reflect the setting. ASSAULT MARINE AND CHAOS RAPTOR ARMOR are a possiblity, previous experimentation yeilded promising results, but further development led to some serious glitches and crashes. I am no script writer...
-Mutants would be removed and replaced with Daemons and natural wildlife of the planet. Maybe some Warp Tainted mutations of the wildlife. A-life would be kept intact.
-Very brutal gameplay.
-Whole new story arc, and TOTAL freeplay. If you want to just spend your time killing Chaos, go for it. If you want to spend your time searching for artifacts of Holy Terra, go for it. If you want to spend your time spreading the Taint of Chaos, go for it!
-Anamolies would be maintained, and would be explained by the taint of the Warp on the planet.
-Again, very brutal gameplay. Chainswords, Bolt Guns, all of it! It should be absolutely gruesome!
-The inquisition will be involved! Why? Because NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!
-ChainAxes, ChainSwords, Power Weapons, all of it, hopefully, will be ingame!

Well, I guess I can reveal a small portion of me secret plan for world domination.
Well first off, I will have to release the mod in "Chapters."
By Chapters I mean, a Chapter a Race/Faction. Now mind you, this is not in any consecutive order, so if you wait, you can play in any order. In a sense, all the chapters are unfolding simultaneously.

All right, on to the concept...

Well, this mod will take place on a produce planet called Beubonis. The basic background of the planet is thus:

The colony ships landed on this planet with a single landmass surrounded by an ocean that makes the landmass seem tiny. However, the planet rotated on a perfectly verticle axis, and with the landmass almost dead center of it's hemisphere, it is in a perpetual summer. At that time, the original settlers dubbed the planet Mayus (I named it after the Mayans. When the Spanish arrived in S. America, the Mayans had vast agriculture built around their cities in the mountains.)

As with the other Space Marine legions, a man called this place home who was soon discovered to be the primarch of the Timbre Wolves legion. (Its my own personal chapter I use in other W40k games like DoW, so this is all totally made up. But I did it in a way that it fits into the official canon and doesn't step on any toes! :)) The Timbre Wolves claimed this planet as their homeworld, and their primarchs gene-seed was soon used to enhance indigeonous colonist warriors into full-on space marines.

Shortly after the initial hive was established, an Obelisk was discovered. On this Obelisk was arcane writings. Studies where initiated by several scholarium from the various realms of the Imperial Golden days. They quickly discovered that the obelisk was strangley connected to what is now known as the Eye of Terror and the Warp. Though this discovery was made through inadvertant activation. Beasts of Chaos and Daemons quickly swarmed the planet.

The planet was lost into a warp storm, not to be seen again for hundreds of years, just before the starting movements of the Horus Heresy. After the great siege of Terra, all knowledge of this planet, its citizens, and its budding Space Marine "Chapter" (as it would later be called) was lost.

As the Emperium of Man is ever expanding, new colonies are always going beyond the safe boundries of the Imperial Navy. One such colony ship filled with cyborgs, outcastes, and void-borne found a planet that would be perfect for agricultural development. But when they landed, they discovered the native wildlife all carried a natural plague, so they set to exterminating them around their newly built city.

These new settlers named the planet Beubonis (I named it after the Beubonic Plague).
Alirght, back to the races expanding story arcs. (My plan is to make it kinda like a story tree)

***Planetary Defense Force (PDF): As with any other planet in the Imperium, a planet with no active threat only has a skeletal organization of Imperial Gaurd known as the PDF. Because this planet is based on agriculture, the PDF has no Manufactoriums for heavy vehicles. Their tactics are based on major troope actions and light support vehicles.

The game starts for you in the outskirts of a city. You were off-duty when contact was lost with the planets only major Manufactorium for weapons and light vehicles. (This is so we can keep the NPP as is. I'm not being cheap, I'm just working with what I gots. REALLY! *No sarcasm at all... I mean it! Stop laughing at me!*) Now, I want to keep it free-play, so from the start you can do almost whatever you want... You can investigate the signs of Xenos influence on the planet, you can fill the role of Comrade Commisare, you can go to the Manufactorium (which will be possible from the start, but I plan to make it VERY hard), or you can set to fortifying the farm plains outside the city (Which I have yet to name).

***Timbre Wolves Space Marines: The Warp Storm that had swallowed the Timbre Wolves and the planet Mayus had abated coincidentally right before a colinist ship came out of the immaterium for a jump. The planet had only experienced a few years, as had the Space Marine battleships and cruisers, but it was more than enough for Chaos to spread it subtle taint. As the colonists began, well, colonizing, the Space Marines remained hidden in space, watching with aprehension. Soon after the first city was built, the Space Marines announced their presence as great landing ships landed in the outskirts. There was much rejoicing as messages of the return of one of the Imperuim's lost chapters were sent out to anyone listening. But their arrival came as a double edged sword. Quickly, chaos cults rose to challenge the power of these lost Space Marines.

Anyways, You will play a Space Marine deployed into the plains of Mayus (Beubonis) to purge the heretics who have taken over the chapter homeworld. Again, freeplay is critical. How you go about this faction's story arc is your decision. By the way, I am not going to tell you a damn thing about their story. I don't want to ruin anything for you!

***CHAOS! Will be the first "Chapter" released. That's right! Right off the bat you get to play as a traitor marine. Here is the most comprehensive info you'll find on what is planned for these guys.
(Simply because they are my favorite!)

This is a simple list of weapons planned (for chaos anyways)
-Power Gauntlet
-Power Sword
-Bolt Pistol
-Heavy Bolter
-Autocannon (Handheld)
-Rocket Launcher
-Plasma Pistol
-Heavy Flamer
-Daemonic weapons (somewhat of a spoiler, but in my opinion, Daemonic awesomeness is required for Chaos)
-Noise Gun (Several Variants exist, such as heavy sonic models, or simple screamers)
-Plague Bolter (Heavy, Mean, Big Bullets, And Packed With Disease!)

*A simple list of armors planned
-Chaos Space Marine Armor
-Chaos Plague Marine Armour
-Chaos Noise Marine Armour
-Chaos Raptor Armour (There will be Nurgloid and Slanneshi variants)
-Chaos Champion Armour (Variants as above)
-Chaos Terminator Armour (This will be a sign that you are jesus at this mod, simply because I am going to make your fingers bleeeeed to get this)
-Chaos Daemonic Amours (These will be one time use armours that are PERMANANT! Once you accept the Warp, there is no turning back! You have been warned!)
*A note on looting corpses, please do not ask me for something like the marauder mod. In my mind, if you manage to kill something, there are going to be riddled with holes the size of watermelons, or sawn in several pieces. The whole thing seems pointless to me. Although feel free to make your own add-on after release!!!!!!! I am totally cool with that.
*Each variant of armour (based on chaos god) will have its own unique buffs and penalties.
*Once you choose a chaos god, you're stuck with him/her/it. Unless of course you want every worshipper of your previous god trying to kill you while you gain status with the other god.
*You can only wear the armour of Chaos Undivided or the god you choose. This is simply because, as a plague marine, your disease becomes part of your armour, and as a noise marine, your psychosis becomes part of the armour.
*Chaos Raptors will be immune to impact damage, as their armour is built specificly for, well, jumping on people with a chainsword.

*There will be artifacts, and they will be integral to gameplay. Be warned though, Warp Artifacts (there will be different ones for each race/faction) will raise your Warp Taint. If you manage to max out your taint, well, lets just say it'll be interesting, and not necessarily bad.... depending on your point of view.
*There will be marks of chaos, representing which Chaos god you worship, and your favour with that god.
*There will be desecrated relics, meaning they are merchant trash. They are useless as the power of the warp no longer flows through them.
*Remember the old Artifact Activation mod? Well, I am hoping by christmas, I'll have worked out a way to make specific reusable artifacts that cast spells and unleash the warp into the world. Again, I think it is a matter of animation, particle effects, scripting, and ingenuity.

*The chaos army present on Mayus (Beubonis) is, well, chaotic. Its an army of individuals, all of whom are seeking to gain favor with their god, spread chaos, and kill the servants of the False Emporer.
*Certain enemies (Such as the Timbre Wolves Space Marines) will be very organized and will work in squads, rather than a horde of bloodthirsty cultists.
*Killing a fellow Cultist doesn't piss the rest off. In fact, as a Chaos Space Marine, alive for centuries and as bloodthirsty as a Daemon, you are encouraged to kill cultists who are stronger than you, and to purge the weaklings below you. Now, if you go off and kill every Chaos Cultist in the game, it will be counter-productive. Though the Chaos Gods appreciate a little spring cleaning, they don't like their own following to be killed off for entirely counter-productive reasons. Unless its Khorne. He don't give a shit for anything but Blood and Skulls.
*Mutants from the old stalker will be kept, but changed a little. For example, the Controllers will be rogue Psykers, and snorks will be possesed people...
*Daemonicly possesed items will be usable, and in some cases, living. For example, you could pick up a suit of raptor armour that has a Daemon bound to it. Or you can come across a tank chilling out with some weird growths and it talks to you. (No, you are not tripping Alice. You are not in the Rabbit Hole anymore...)
*The old Rank system for Stalker will be used to measure your favor with the chaos gods.
*There will be no way to "buy" weapons or armour. You will have to get it all by finding it, or stealing it, or to earn it. Although, right from the start, you can get 1 of any kind you choose. (Except for Terminator armour. And if you chose a god specific armour, you are stuck with the armour variants of that god, and chaos undivided, for the rest of the game. Choose carefully)

*Very Brutal
*Very Bloody
*Very Awesome
All right, Let me tell you what you are in for!
You start out in the center of what was once Stalker's Zone now. I mean in what is the "Lost Manufactorium." You are a simple Space Marine, alive for milennia, and exist for one purpose: Chaos. You do not have any preference to a god, but as with every member of chaos, there will be a moment where you will be strong-armed into choosing. You do not have much standing in the ranks of Chaos. Though you are not a weakling by any means, but you are not (yet) considered a champion for Chaos. As you get more powerful, you will discover newer, cooler ways to kill your foes.
Combat is the best way to earn status. Since Tzeentch seems to have forsaken this planet, manipulation will get you nowhere, unless you are REALLY good at what you do. Killing your superiors will impress those below you, and instill fear in those above you. But be careful, you never know who will be impressed, or who will see you as a threat.
Completing missions that advance the goals of Chaos on the planet also earns you status, but missions and side quests will be considerably more challenging than just killing weaklings. They will be very difficult, but will earn you favor faster.

All right. I guess I should set you guys up and tell you what you'll be doing!
The story........

***Note: I scrapped the original storyline for the chaos arc... sorry but I didn't like it.

As the fires of war swept the planet Beubonis, as it seems to be known now, others were listening in. The other Space Marines had thought the other ships had been consumed in the warp... Little did they know how true that was. Silent, dark, and drifting in a loose orbit around one of Beubonis' moons, ancient warships were stirred by the strife below. As had been planned, the cultist attack took the Timbre Wolves by surprise, and the Slaaneshi traitors above readied their weapons as they planned a hedonistic massacre of the planet's inhabitants.

In their millenia trapped in the warp, these Space Marines looked for an escape. And so, Slaaneshi called out to them. Soon, they saw how raw experience in both pain and pleasure fine-tuned their combat skills, and they set to murdering their Timbre Wolves brothers who did not join them. Of the three ships that had heard the call, only one had survived the ensuing battle. Out of fear, their foolish loyalist brothers had detonated the ships cores, leaving the debris of these ancient relics lost to the warp forever.

While in the warp, the Traitor Wolves had much to learn. They learned of the Horus Heresy by the psychic cries of Horus, Magnus, and the Emporer. Slaanesh whispered to them secrets of the Emporer being no more than a false corpse-god after being struck down by Horus' dying breath. He whispered to them of Horus' plans to "liberate" humanity. With the final consent, the Noise Wolves were lost to the whims of Slaanesh.

But they weren't the only fallen. When the Obelisk was activated, a large contingent of Timbre Wolves were sucked into the eye of terror, along with their entire planet. While the space-side ships were only trapped in a warp-storm, a whole planet and the planet-side marines travelled across the warp into oblivion. It was here that a terrible plague wracked the Space Marines, trapping them in their own dead and decaying bodies. Their mettel beyond tested, they begged for a cure. Only one heard this call, and that was grandfather Nurgle. With a gentle hand, he beckoned the Timbre Wolves under his wing, but at a terrible price. He spoke to them that they mey continue to live and serve humanity, as long as they completed one simple task for him. As the marines around him died, a captain stepped forward and nurgle whispered darkly into his ear. Though he spoke for only a moment, an eternity of lies and planning took the captain's mind. And thus began the fall of the Plague Wolves.

All right, so here's what we're going to be working with as far as A-Life goes.

Boars-Cut unless size can be drastically increased (%200ish), would fill the role of herbivorous prey for pseudo dogs
Psuedo Dogs-Will be kept and renamed, I currently think they would easily fill the role of natural predators on beubonis and would take the place of blind dogs, making the pseudo dog more common, more dangerous, and would travel in large packs of say 7-10ish
Flesh-Will be kept and renamed, I think they coul easily fill the role of minor Chaos Spawn, more dangerous than the pseudo dog, but less dangerous than everything else, and would be solitary critters. Possibly Nurgle related.
Snorks-Will be kept and renamed, easily fills the role of Nurgle Cultists gone mad. Very weak physically but can do alot of damage.
Tushkano-Will be kept, renamed, and resized to aboot 1 meter at the shoulder. Will be NPCs. *cough cough*
Controllers-Will be kept and renamed, Will be Inquisitors (and hopefully have more than just the brain sucky for an attack) Obviously, extensive remodeling and reskinning will be involved.
Poltregeists-Will be kept and renamed, fills the role of the Psychic remnants of dead psykers
Zombies- Will be kept and renamed, Will be those afflicted by the Curse of Unbelief
Bloodsuckers-Will be kept and renamed, fills the role of minor Daemon of Chaos Undivided, VERY dangerous
Pseudo Giant-Kept and renamed, fills the role of a Lesser Daemon of Nurgle. Some remodeling and reskinning will be done
Chimera-Kept and Renamed, I think they'd make a cool breed of Chaos Hounds
Chernobyl Dog (like the one in the centre of red forest)-Kept and renamed, fills the role of mutated psuedo dog.

-Nurglings: Whats a nurgloid army without nurglings?
-Daemonettes: What's a slaaneshi army without deamonettes?
-Possesed: Various types of possesed will be added. Looking at Daughters of Slaanesh (Captured and Sacrificed Sisters of Battle) and Imps (Children possesed by deamons)
-Steeds and Fiends of Slaanesh: Those really cool but really creepy six-boobed serpent things... yeah, they'll be in here... and they will not be nice.
Spawn: These will be the various abominations that take different shapes depending if they hail from Undivided, Slaanesh, or Nurgle. Beware these monstrosities... They will possibly be the most dangerous thing in the game.

Anyways, that's all I can find from old files and such... Plus I am beat ssa tired. I really need to go to sleep. Gots work at 10am tomorrow (and I'm the "waking up at the crack of midnight" type).



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This will be never realased.

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MeanderingBeing Author

All you do is nay-say! Everything I create! You ****! You try to create something like inward singing! You're fired from the band.

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Indeed excellent, looking foward to the progess of this mod.

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