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Just a little bit info about the world, the planet and game story.

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Sands of Space is a science fiction cyberpunk role play video game.

The plot of the game takes a place in alternative future of the 1980s. Active space exploration in progress. Many planets are inhabited, and some have already been abandoned.

The main character, space nighthawk, is on the planet called Trappist-1 h.

The planet developed fast at first and was used as a place for mining minerals, including crystals. It was planned that Trapp would be a lively and permanent habitat, and it was actively built up and populated. But there were some problems because of the unstable seismic activity and finding a planet far away from other planets. And later, after the outbreak of the biological plague - it was decided to stop the development of the planet.

The authorities immediately left the planet but a lot of people stayed there without any chances to fly away. Now Trappist-1 h has become a real trap. It was impossible to fly away from it. Supplies and building materials were not supplied anymore. Because of the biological plague, the planet was quarantined to prevent the spread of diseases.

In the future, the planet was used as some kind of prison.

The planet turned into a land captured by gangs with decaying districts. Only some cities prosper by robberies and cyber materials trading.

In nowadays only one militarized band offers to you to left the planet for huge reward. It’s clearly that tickets to the ship could afford only a few rich persons who still live there and not going to leave Trappist-1 h. Also, it sounds like a hope for people who try to survive through this hell. When the main character finds a strictly guarded space ship, it turns out that the ship cannot fly anymore. Main character finds out that the main element of the ship - artificial intelligence - has broken. Over the past 10 years, no one has left the planet.

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