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The a0.62 build has been released for PC, Mac, and Linux. We also discuss what's coming next.

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Hey everyone, it's been a while since we've posted a news update here, sorry about that. Starting with the a0.6 version, Planet Explorers will only be available for Kickstarter backers and people who preorder the game. Players wanting to try the game can still play the a0.53 free, which you can get here: If you want to preorder the game, you can go here:

So here's a0.62 available across all versions. If you already have a0.61 PC version, there's really not that many difference in this version other than bug fixes. So if you want a more bug free version, download this one.

PC Torrent:

Mac Torrent:
Mac DD:

Linux Torrent:
Linux DD:

For Linux users, the + and - keys can be used to zoom in now. There's also a lock key in window option for users with multiple screens.

If you have bugs or questions, please post them on our boards, if you have problems with registration, please contact us at If you want to resend your key, use this link.

Also want to give a BIG THANKS to Michael L. for providing us with a seed machine so that you guys are getting fast speeds on the torrents.

Now, lets talk what's next for a bit, we'll probably release a a0.65 build between now and a0.7, probably in late September. We haven't decided what to put into this build yet, mostly just story progression, probably.

A0.7 will be the biggie. We're changing the way we build in the world, you're going to get block and angles for shapes instead, the resolution will be at 1/4 meter, and yes, you can change the size of the brush from 1/4 all the way up to 1m. For a 64bit build, this could be even smaller, say 1/8m. You asked for it, you got it. Because of this, buildings will now be done on the outside and not in the editor. So we'll rewrite some of the colony coding. If we work fast, we might get this in for a0.65.

The other thing we drastically changing is the creations editor itself. We'll aim to allow you to turn the object, turn the templates, decals, bevel, smooth, more colors, add effects, and most importantly and awesomely, import your own textures (up to 16 per iso).

Oh yeah, and the adventure mode will be focused on, we're aiming for random set generation by this build, so you can get a random alien town. And we'll be taking a look through that suggestions thread to see what we can pick up.

And more, like farming, npc jobs, boats, pvp in multiplayer, etc.

So the bad news is it won't be here until sometime in November.

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