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Two sets by Maarten Pinxten, ported to Mac by Laz Rojas, then ported back by yours truly.

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Hello, glad to see you again. It's been a while since we've had ports of port featured in this project, so let's see now...

Among the many mods ported from DOS to Mac by Laz Rojas were two mapsets by Maarten Pinxten. First comes MPWOLF (also known as MP's Wolfenstein 3D Addon), which features 10 maps for the registered version of Wolfenstein 3D. Then there's MPSOD for Spear of Destiny. A bit of an explanation is neeeded to avoid confusion here: the DOS mapset was actually named SpearMPixSod. There was a release called MPSOD, but it was a truncated version of SpearMPixSod, only sporting 10 levels. What we have here is actually the full 21-floor version.

Both of these releases are for the Third Encounter. Both feature really solid mapping. It's another good opportunity to try classic PC mapping with Mac graphics and gameplay. Take it.

Laz Rojas for ports, Maarten Pinxten for maps


Download MPWOLF



Download MPSOD


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