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The Mercenary Hideout a new mini dungeon where you battle a series of mercenaries to get back the gold they have taken!

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There are several different types of mercenaries that attack your whole team, stun you, or are just hands down tough to kill! After battling your way through you will reach the treasure room and confront the four mercenary bosses! These mercenaries are tough and it’s the first time you will have to fight another party of enemies that actually works together! Ellen, the cleric, will actually heal her allies each turn and must be handled very quickly. Unfortunately you will have to balance that with Kevin, the berserker, who deals massive damage by attacking your whole party. Fred, the Mercenary, is very difficult to kill, and Brock Lee, the fighter, will periodically stun members of your team! You can watch the entire battle here:

After defeating these tough enemies you will have the option to hire them on to your team! The hire costs are quite high so chances are you will have to choose only one unit to hire at first until you can come back with more gold!

Ellen, a cleric with potent healing powers, is the least expensive unit to recruit. She is a very good choice if you did not choose a class that has a healing ability, or if you just want a little more healing on your team. She also comes with a potent area of effect attack. Similar to the sage class, she has the ability smite, which deals massive damage to dark enemies (sneak peak the next dungeon is the shadow one!)

Fred, a sturdy mercenary, has several defensive abilities as well as very powerful row attacks. He also comes with a power stun called knockout. His signature ability counter already has a high power but will also do double damage if he is attacked that turn!

Kevin, a powerful berserker, has abilities that raise his attack and intimidate his foes to lower theirs. He comes with the blacksmith ability sunder which lowers enemy defense. He has two abilities that will cause him to berserk and enable more powerful versions of his default single target, row, and area of effect attacks!

Brock, a balanced fighter, also comes with the ability knockout and is the most expensive unit. He has a powerful chi blast attack that regenerates charges. He has an ability called zen that will also instantly generate charges. Finally his signature ability reverse, will cause enemies attacks to deal damage to themselves instead of him!

The dungeon is completely optional but you can find a lot of gold, experience, and more characters! With the addition of these characters players have even more freedom when choosing their party members! I’ve been hard at work adding new classes and new updates so please stay tuned!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have an awesome day!

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