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The pre alpha version 0.5 has been released. It includes the new procedurally generated terrain, item dropping, a new Health UI as well as a much higher viewing distance, new textures and a new sky. While the game is in Pre Alpha state it can be played for free!

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Development Update 07:

While the game is in Pre Alpha state it can be played here for free:
Current Version: Pre alpha 0.5

Changes in Version 0.5:
- Procedurally generated overworld
- Added Random generated Terrain to the overworld
- Added Plants like Bushes, Grass and Mushrooms
- Added Random Terrain Areas (Beach, Hills, Grass, Mountain)

- General Additions and Changes:
- Added Skycube
- Added new Sky Texture
- Increased Viewing Distance
- Added more Clouds

- Changed Cloud Texture
- Changed some Dungeon Textures
- Changed Sand Texture
- Added Terrain Texture scale factor
- Added Plants
- Removed Item Delete Slot from the inventory
- Items can now be dropped to the ground (click on an item in the inventory and then press right mouse button to drop it to the ground)
- Added Water Flowing Effect
- Changed Water Texture
- Added new Health GUI
- Added a Sun to the overworld
- Player will now always spawn on the top of objects (not inside)
- Added Pickup Information Texts that will show when you pickup an item

- Planned Features:
- Rune System
- NPC villages and NPC Traders
- Multilevel dungeons
- Terrain Saving (Currently everything is saved with seeds wich works fine, but if i chage the terrain code the terrain would look totally different (1 Terrain will only need about 10kb so it is no problem))
- Enemys

- Bugfixes:
- Fixed Camera Flipping Bug
- Fixed Random Chests not generating
- Fixed Locked Chests that could not be opened
- Fixed Health Bug



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