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The Earth has withered away. Guided by an angel in the dark. You must brave the underground of Eden to find all forms of creation to rekindle the light.

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Pitch Silent can be found on Steam Here!

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White Orb now has a faster firing rate.
Red Orb now only fires 4 orbs. Amount count to cast 4.
Green Orb now has amount to cast set to 10.
Added waterfall in one of the last stages.
Added a new enemy in one of the last stages.
Every sound has been equalized to 0.5.
Green Orb (Shotgun) has been tilted for a more cosmetically pleasing look.
Super Mace now fires 4 homing projectiles.
Green Enemy gets a slight nerf I'd say by roughly 7%. Don't get close to him.
White Enemy shots have been reduced from 8 to 6.
Temple of light has had floor replaced with a new texture.
Abyss section has had color grading reworked in certain area.
More holes have been patched.
Some mesh corrections and image placements between loading screens.
Lights added in final area.
Put in Press E to open chest.
Added in help text on how to dash.
Removed black and white filter to make it blue instead cause it hurt peoples eyes?????
Added dynamic lights in near final stage.
Many people think this game is a roguelike for some reason I do not understand. You can save the game at anytime by bringing up the menu.

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