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Today we reveal one of the weapon blueprints; the FL MK9 pistol. Alongside an explosive in-game sneak peek video of the pure awesome in action...

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Greetings Pioneers!

As we move ever closer to launch we can start giving you more information about one of the coolest parts of Eden Star, I am of course talking about the weapons!

Although the RMD (The super awesome power glove you've seen previously) is undoubtedly the 'piece de resistance', I'm here to talk to you about the slightly more traditional weapons. In this particular case the FL Mk9 Pistol blueprint.

From concept to implementation the way we construct firearms, and more specifically; sidearms, has been through a lot of progressive iterations to get to the final designs. The team has done a lot of research into both real and fictional firearms which has helped to not only forge a vision of the type of sidearms we want to be able to make, but also the feel of them too. This research helped us realise that what worked in real life might not necessarily work in the game world. This resulted in a lot of time and effort tweaking designs, animations, PFX and audio. At this stage, we have now implemented a single sidearm for the first release, constructed as a whole unit, this allowed us to shift focus onto the balancing of this pistol... As the ability for any sidearm to devastate an entire cliff face with a single shot seemed a tad overzealous...

How we envisage weapon crafting and creation working in Eden Star at some stage AFTER the first release (To clarify - the following feature will not be in the first release, but you will be able to craft this pistol as a whole weapon), is that certain parts of the weapon will be able to be crafted from different blueprints. In the case of this pistol the player would have found, salvaged and crafted the;

- Grip
- Barrel
- Power source

All from a FL Mk9 blueprint, you can see this in the aesthetic of the pistol, defined by the differently shaded parts.

Other blueprint parts will be inter-compatible (similar to the latest Dead Space crafting system) but each part will be still be specific to the weapon type, ie. Pistol, Rifle, Pulse, etc.)

Below is a brief work-in-progress preview of one of the FL MK9 Pistol blueprint; firing self propelled micro concussion missiles. As this is a military, and not a Spire grade firearm, it works off old-world, projectile-based technology and is therefore not powered via a Teslinium core. The advantage to compiling primitive firearm blueprints such as the FL Mk9, is that the base model is extremely reliable and fairly easy to restock when searching for materials to convert to ammunition.

More updates to follow!

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As always, if you haven’t already, you can play the Pre-alpha Combat Tech Demo now by pre-ordering Eden Star here! Only $15 gets you the UE3 Tech Demo and full access to the UE4 based Alpha and beyond!


I mean, yeah, it's a pistol. But it's a very pretty gun :P

Keep up the great work guys!

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Orac, you are a beautiful person :) Thanks for your support!

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Chomping at the bit ever since I played the demo version...very nice update!

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Thanks Shakes, you RuleS. (Yes, you got a capital 'S'. Don't question it. It's special, as are you).


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Holy S**t! This looks very good. Whoever is behind this, in all aspects of coding, modeling, texturing, you all are doing a fantastic job. I swear, that pistol model could compete with like Battlefield or Call of Duty or any other big budget game. I really applaud you guys!

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INtense! Staff

Super nice work from an indie team

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Each time i see a eden star update i scream and rush it to see whats new


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