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Hi Folks! The dev team have been busy this month creating cool new stations, have a peek in the Images section for them ;), do check them out along with a load of fixes and improvements. A big one is great improvements in the frame rate with high visual settings. So do play about with it and see what you think. As usual here is the Changelog for this month below. There is also a request to anyone out there who could help with contributing work to this wonderful project.

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For January 2015. Full changelog.

  • New Features

    • Many point stars on starless galaxy (#3321)
  • Fixes
    • Fix 3310 (#3312)
    • Fix 3313 (#3316)
    • Fix Ship:onShipEquipmentChanged (#3326)
    • Ship launch thrust timer fix (#3330)
    • Fix the UI strange rendering (#3332)
    • Update the ToolTip text layout (#3334)
    • Prevent issue #3340 assert (#3341)
  • Internal Chnages
    • Remove DrawPoints & DrawLines methods (#3303)
    • Dummy renderer for headless tools (#3306)
    • Fix scanner drawing post-load (#3309)
    • Faster text buffer rendering (#3304)
    • Ignore any sgm files in the repository (#3315)
    • Faster deduplication of collision data (#3319)
    • Stop vs2013 using the whole program optimisation (#3333)
    • Equipment strings moved to new translation module (#3295)
    • modelcompiler no GL, no SDL, build support for compiled models (#3339)
  • Optimisation
    • Animation interpolation optimisation (#3327)
    • Ship nearby optimise (#3328)
  • A Special Request, Laarman (one of Pioneer's devs) is seeking assistance with an issue relating to the Planet Scanner. Laarman will also kindly mentor anyone will to tackle this issue with helpful advice. So if you have ever wanted to try coding in a game as part of a dev team (even as a bit of fun or just to get some experience) this is your big chance. Have a look at this thread if your interested:
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