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Hi folks and welcome to the last update of 2013 for Pioneer. A really busy year for the Pioneer devs who have tirelessly improved the game steadily over the months. Great work guys! Cant wait to see what they come up with in the new year. And my thanks to you Pioneer fans out there too. Without your support there would be no Pioneer, so enjoy this months build and I will see you all again in 2014. Fly safe Commanders!

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As usual Linux & MAC OSX builds are available from

" For December 2013. Full changelog.

  • New features
  • Minor changes and tweaks
    • Make file type (file extension) checks case insensitive (#2328, #2563)
    • Optimise GL matrix operations (improves FPS) (#2541, #2572)
    • Rewrote UI.Box layout to constrain children to the allocated area (#2575)
  • Fixes
    • Fix GL color depth selection (forces alpha channel, which fixes progress bars) (#2573)
    • ARMOUR flag to InfoFace now works (#2589)
    • Fix depth bug in System and Sector views (#2595, #2551)
  • Script and UI API changes
    • Money is now handled entirely in Lua (#2589)
    • SceneGraph.ModelSkin is serializable (#2589)
    • Ship.hullPercent is now bindable (#2589)
    • New format functions: Format.AccelG and Format.MassTonnes (#2589)
    • New ship properties: totalCargo, usedCabins, totalCabins (#2589)
  • UI API changes
    • Add table row alignment, Table:SetRowAlignment (#2579)
    • TabGroup can now have a common footer shared between tabs (#2589)
    • New method GameUI.Face:SetHeightLines to help set face height against a chunk of text (#2589)
  • Model changes
    • Gun and camera positions for Amphiesma, Mola Mola, Natrix, Pumpkinseed and Wave now set in model files (#2587)
    • New decals for ship manufacturers; old decals removed (#2578)
    • Ships definitions now have "manufacturer" and "ship_class" fields (#2589)
  • Internal changes
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