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Project re-booted. Bug fixes, map generation and alternate control methods.

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Pimps vs Vamps was initially developed in 7 days for F*ck this Jam. After a couple of months on working on other projects, me and Thomas (the artist and sound designer) decided to finish the game.

Bug fixes in v0.1.4
- Fixed mouse bug which caused crosshair to be hidden bellow screen at game start up.
- Fixed shadowcasting bug which rendered shadows on the first rows and colums, even when there weren't objects obstructing the view.
- Fixed player spawn bug that caused the game to freeze if the player spawned outside the map borders
- Fixed crash caused by pathfinding returning NIL (no possible paths).

New additions in v0.1.4:

- The game level is now procedurally generated when the game starts.
- Added support for Mouse only play mode. The player can now fully play the game with the mouse, by switching between moving and shooting using the scroll wheel.
- Enemy movement is now tweened between tiles. Instead of appearing to destination, they now slide towards it.

W.I.P for v0.1.5:
- Integrating the new weapon modules, which allows the generation of weapons with different stats.
- Implementing two new weapons that the player can pick up during Action Phase (a gun that teleports the player where he is pointing, and another that can obstruct passage.


Not bad looking, especially for the time you did it in granted its no fallout 3 or Amnesia, but I'm sure a couple thousand people would play it if it was free and you put it on like kongregate or something.

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BacioiuC Author

Hehe, thanks Servant Grunt. Working hard in order to make it as fun as It can be.

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Looks great pal.

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BacioiuC Author

Thank you. Thomas is working hard on getting the right aesthetics for the game. We're also tackling with designing new weapons and vampires. Hoping to get a small release ready for you guys in January.

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