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The first version of PilotLight (Free) has been put up on Google Play for playing and testing. Play through video, Online Demo, Google Play links, and more inside!

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The first version of PilotLight (Free) has been put up on Google Play for playing and testing. I still classify this as a beta release, since the game has not been tested on a large number of different devices.

I'm looking for people to test out the game, so I can get a better idea of the performance on various devices. Currently it's been tested on HTC ONE V and Samsung Nexus S, and it runs well.

Download on Google Play for free.
It's totally free, with no ads. Any feedback is appreciated.

Play through video

What's next?

More Levels

With the free version released, there shouldn't be any drastic changes to the look or feel of the final game. I can now focus on the fun part, creating content.

I'm shooting for 35 levels, in addition to the 15 already in the free version, bringing the grand total to 50. These levels will feature new environmental obstacles, including the melting blocks introduced in level 15.

Online Content

The full version will include dynamically changing medal requirement times, based on the average completion times of each level. For example: If you completed Level 2 in 3.2s on day one and got gold, on day 5 the gold medal time may have changed to 3.1s, leaving you with a silver medal.

Any feedback (which is greatly appreciated) can be directed to my Twitter, or though PMs on indieDB.

PilotLight is a physics based platformer, rich in ambiance, where you control your flame using just one finger. Burn all the fuel while avoiding environmental obstacles. Through discovery, plan your perfect route, execute it to perfection and get gold!

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