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Thank you all for voting for us! New youtube channel!

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Hi it's Lokken here lead designer of Trench Foot.

Firstly let me thank you all from the bottom of my heart for voting us into the top 100 mods of the year. It's a massive boost to morale and makes us even more determined to see this project to its bloody and glorious end!

I wanted to share with you this atmospheric animated soundscape I created for my new youtube channel "Pocket-Dystopia"

I'll be posting regular videos on here from more ambient soundscapes to short machinima films both related and unrelated to Trench Foot.

Screenshot Doom 20211216 011729

Hopefully this will convey some of the deep atmospheric moments we have lined up for the next playable update of the mod as well as giving you a preview of the cinematic elements we are implementing to really immerse you in the world we are forging.

Screenshot Doom 20211220 194602

That's it for now thanks again for voting for us and please visit my channel there's not too much there right now but that will change soon I promise you!

Again come hang out with us on our community Discord here.

And catch us on Twitter here.

Our official trenchfoot channel videos.


Amazing! The ambient feels very heavy and grim. A masterpiece, no doubt!

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L0KKEN Author

Thanks man.

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The teaser is a vision of utter carnage, fury, destruction, grimness, bleakness, terror and other all-round general good stuff! If WWI was supposed to be war to end all wars with all its trenches, mustard gas, rats, shellshock, slimescapes and whatnot, then this looks to be the mod to indeed not only end all wars and everything else after that! xD Immensely looking forward to this, as the Lord, Odin and everyone else in the pantheon are my witnesseses!!!!111

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L0KKEN Author

Thanks man!

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