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PAE V is a mod for Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword v3.19. It's in ancient European times from 5000 BC to 500 AD.

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PAE - A game for all players, who were always annoyed that in the basic game the ancient time is neglected, and also for all other CIV players, who miss more game complexity.

On the one hand there is the possibility to go deep into ancient time and experience it in a way, no other game before made it happen. Not only the Roman Empire can be led to its old size, there is also the possibility for all other great ancient civilizations to rewrite history by showing their own historical strengths.

On the other hand also the experienced CIV player will be enthusiastic by the improvements of the gameplay and the new tactical possibilities.The combat system improved by range attacks, revolting stacks, the consequences of capturing a city, the immens slave system, where slaves can be used in plenty of ways, resources like wine, livestock and grain, which can be distributed, the population drift from dissatisfied and unhealthy cities - the list is apparently infinite and everything without any restriction of fun!

Pie succeeded in changing CIV into a new game. Each turn is an experience for itself in e.g. meeting new units or making tactical decisions, which were never present in CIV. But attention, the overwhelming bulk of new units, buildings and wonders and the unbelievable game depth will make you definitely addicted.Guaranteed.
Pie's Ancient Europe - For all CIV players a must-have.

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