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An intense reaction game with a player influenced story

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PICKY LOCKS is an intense reaction game where the player must use quick reflexes and skill to navigate a variety of locks.

The game is set beneath the Pacific Ocean inside a living machine called, "THE MACHINE". This machine saps the mental energy of its inhabitants to power itself in exchange for Platinum Bars (or PB); the currency the player uses to unlock cosmetic items, and cast votes.

The narrative of PICKY LOCKS is delivered in an unconventional manner. After progressing through the early story, the player will be faced with a choice. In similar other games, the player would make their choice and the game would progress, but PICKY LOCKS is different. All decisions made in PICKY LOCKS are influenced by a global vote. Players have until a set time period to cast their vote on the choice they want to make, and after that period, the results are counted and the choice will be announced on social media and in the game itself, and the update released shortly after that will follow the selected path until the next choice must be made.

Trailer available to view here:

PICKY LOCKS releases on the 25th of January 12:00AM AEDT for iOS only.

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