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A not-so-quick video showing off the completed vehicle suspension system, including the front steering rack...

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Friday Update

Here's another video of my progress on SCO, in this (rather long) video you can see the full suspension system working (front and back) - and also a steering rack system that copes with the suspension travel, (that was a lot of fun I can tell you - involved moving lots of objects around, and cutting previously static objects in two so that I could make them move independently on each side)

But I'm pleased with the results, in the video the game goes into slow motion so you can see the steering system working, ignore the juddering it's just because I slowed down the time...

Some other things to keep your eye out for in this video...

I've fixed the one-sided polygons on the car, so now it has an underside, (you get to see it on this video) meaning the car 'feels' a lot more solid now,

I've added a light on the back of the car whenever the boost is initiated, I'm so glad to finally get some lights in there, I'm currently thinking "night race" - (heck, that's a lot of work!)

Another thing to keep an eye out for, (but you'd have to have played the online demo to really notice this) is "watch the wheels of the car" -- they no longer clip through the ground when the car is tumbling (as aptly demonstrated in this video) - there's a nice point in this video where the car loses nearly all motion when it lands square on to it's wheels.

The downside of this change is basically I've moved the wheel collision outwards to the very edge of the tires, it adds A LOT of stability to the car, but because the car's rear wheels are wider, it's A LOT easier to put your rear off the edge of the race track...

Note to self: Future cars, all wheels in-line... Hidden Suspension... No cockpit...

(that was a joke, of course it'll have a cockpit)

Anyway, that's about it, hope you guys enjoy the video and I just want to say another BIG thank you for all the positive feedback in the comments in the various places on the IndieDB site (every day I find comments in the main news section, or in the videos, or in the screenshots) thanks a lot for those - it really does help me stay motivated.

Track 2 needs some tweaks, (and some gap jumps! ;) - and a detailing pass.
Track 3 needs some tweaks, (and some gap jumps! ;) - and a detailing pass.

Menu's need tidying up...
Multiplayer needs disabling for the initial release....
AI bots need to have the new car moved over to them.. eek.
One or two bugs fixed
Pause mode / Menu
Registration Process

That's about it - so I'd say a few weeks off yet...

Thanks for listening! Enjoy your weekend.

Sph!nx - - 722 comments

Nice work mate. Looking better and better everytime I see a newspost. Keep it up!

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DillonBarba - - 74 comments

better than the LA Noire driving physics.

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StuntCarOnline Author
StuntCarOnline - - 42 comments

Haha!, Better than the LA Noire driving physics.. I might put that quote on the box :D

Thanks for the comments guys!

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booman - - 3,654 comments

hard at work as usual! Keep up the hard work

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