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Phoenix USC running on Android. I have posted a video of the PC configuration of PUSC's GUI and gaming framework running on Android. I have also included videos showing new lighting effects testing.

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PUSC running on Android! Testing with PC GUI/UI. Sweet!


Above is a video of Phoenix USC and my new gaming framework running on Android (5.0). :D The demo is running the same exact GUI/UI as the PC version which is pretty cool, Currently this PC GUI running on Android is a just a test of the gaming framework, but if it proves to be useful on Android I may keep as an option for those more PC oriented. Using a touch or a mouse with my tablet yields the same PC experience on Android, something to consider when designing tablet interfaces. I will say I have seen nothing like it on Android. :) For more information on my new gaming framework see this previous news post. It shows a video of the gaming framework running on Windows and is a great way to compare Android and PC.

I also test on-screen controls (touch control) about midway in the above video. I am experimenting with several styles of on-screen controls, even tablet tilt control (using accelerometer). Since I am designing a gaming framework to support PUSC I will support several control options as well as mouse and keyboard for Android, Metro and other mobile devices.

With the gaming framework for Phoenix USC working on Android I can move on to fleshing out the gaming framework that supports PUSC. Right at the moment I am testing Monkey X's (programming language) new 2D engine mojo2 (testing mojo2 preview) which provides many new features on the GPU end. Below I am testing mojo2's new lighting and shadows which are to be included in my gaming framework. One awesome benefit is 2D projection support which means I can design a game interface and it will scale to adapt to a given display resolution automatically. Way awesome for tablets and PC's. Mojo2 for Monkey X is really sweet and will allow me to bring in many new effects and lighting into the game.

Testing mojo2's lighting and shadow framework.

So I will be working on the gaming framework and adapting the new features of Monkey X's mojo2 and getting ready for Monkey X2, These programming language upgrades will provide the basis for outstanding performance and support for PC's, Android, IOS and Metro. Testing on Android on my 11'6" quad core tablet has shown me that there is plenty of power to support the kind of game I want to build using that class of tablet. This will be the market I am aiming at for mobile devices. Supporting displays 8" or larger as a preferred gaming platform. Research shows that tablets are the fastest and largest growing segment in gaming platforms, even passing consoles soon. So I will be aiming at supporting tablets as well as the good old PC platforms.

Just having a great time exploring, experimenting and shaping the future for Phoenix USC.

- Rich -


Cool stuff. Looking great. The ui touch manipulation (especially dragging Windows around and resizing them is really cool). Could make some pretty complex RTS interface / controls with this and it would still be quite usable on touch device.

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I am really starting to like it as an option on bigger displays (say over 7"?). I think this GUI/User interface is well suited for RTS or SIM or really anything where you want a richer more complex interface. Phoenix USC for example is likely to take on a sim component and this style of interface is great for that. Plus it has the 'cool' factor. :D

Glad you liked it.

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