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New video and screen shot of PUSC's game engine on a triple 27" monitor setup. Supporting a resolution of 5985x1080 this wide screen test really shows off Phoenix USC.

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Wide screen test at 5985x1080 on a triple 27" monitor setup.


I have posted a new video of Phoenix USC's game engine Alien Phoenix supporting a wide screen triple monitor setup. I recently purchased three HP IPS 27" displays and have put them to good use in this video. PUSC's game engine really handles this well aside from one issue related to a wide screen lighting which is being worked on currently. So lighting is off in this video but even so it still looks sweet. I have also included a full size screen shot so that you can get a good look at PUSC's map.

tiple monitor 3

Full size screen shot of PUSC in wide screen at 5985x1080.


I have been away for a bit due to medical and related reasons. For the whole story I would encourage you to check out Phoenix USC's Facebook page and specifically this post. The good news is that I'm healthy and ready to get back to developing.

I am looking into open sourcing this project. At first I will start by open sourcing the game engine I am developing for Phoenix USC called Alien Phoenix. Most of the heavy lifting game wise is done by Alien Phoenix and it handles many aspects from a custom GUI to mapping and physics. My hope is that other coders will join in and help me complete Alien Phoenix which will also benefit my coding language Monkey 2. The second phase is to begin to open source the client and server software for Phoenix USC (if feasible). Personally I would like to see a long lived game with a strong and loyal community as opposed to a monetary gain. Open sourcing things should improve development time and encourage long term adoption.

I will be setting a Github repository for Alien Phoenix soon and I will post a link and information on how to help. Till then I am getting code ready to be posted, cleaning it up, organizing it and adding documentation. This will take a little time but I think the results will be worth it. Along the way I will be posting my progress and results like what is seen in the video above.

See you at the next update and thanks for your interest and support of Phoenix USC.

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