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I have posted a video of Phoenix USC running 100 bots in an epic bot vs me in 'God mode' battle testing new bot framework.

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Well, I said the next video i posted would have actual space combat and this one does. Up to now i have been working on the supporting interfaces for Phoenix USC. But, now that I have quite a bit of that work finished I can move on to testing the networking and other frameworks that make up the Phoenix USC game engine. I am so pleased with early testing that I decided to post a video of the bot code doing it's thing.

In this video I have 100 bots spread throughout the map. Each bot or drone has full collision support and is interdependently controlled by a simple AI. Flying around in 'God mode' I am testing the bot, supporting collision and bot AI frameworks by obliterating any bot in my path. While Phoenix USC is a multiplayer game bots can be used to augment online zone games, act in a cooperative mode to support simulation style rolls or be used for training. Here they are being used for testing.

Testing is supporting the premiss of massive amounts of players on a zone server at one time. Zones servers with 700-900 players are a real possibility and should fit well the largest zone size settings allowing CTF games with four or more teams at a time. Something I am looking forward to seeing.

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