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Incredible video of a 'Window' based gaming GUI running on Android. Update of the Alien Phoenix gaming framework.

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Alien Phoenix gaming framework on Android 5.0


Above is a video of the latest changes to the Android version of the Alien Phoenix gaming framework. It features a window based gaming GUI (the only one I have seen on Android) running on an 11" (quad-core) Android tablet at 60FPS. I have made many improvements to this 'one of a kind' gaming framework which is coming together wonderfully as much of it is base on my work with Phoenix USC. I am developing the Alien Phoenix gaming framework for Phoenix USC and other game projects down the road.

Of note in this video is the ability to manage windows and game views in either portrait or landscape viewing angles. Seen in the above video you can turn the Android device and the gaming framework will adapt to the new viewing dimensions. I have also made many other fixes and changes including a 'dish' style navigation control which works well. I'm still experimenting with controls a bit but the navigation dish works nicely. The framework also uses a static resolution (1280x720 in this video) and will automatically scale to fit other display resolutions.

I have also been spending time moving all of my development software to Linux. This android demo and video were made on Linux Mint 17.2. So I will have strong support for Linux going forward, but, will also fully support Android, IOS, OSX and Windows. I made the move after the release of Windows 10 which drove me away from windows as a 'studio' development platform. That move took a bit of time to adjust too but I have made it through the change and I am now back to coding Phoenix USC.

Look for regular (monthly) updates as I continue developing. Thanks for the support.

Rich (Vidiot_X)

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