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More or less this will just list the contents of my pack for Half Life 2D. Its currently about 70% done and I will release it after I get my GED finished.

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Half Life 2D GFX & SFX total conversion pack.

Note that this pack is a mix of alpha / beta, low, & high def models that mimic Valve's.


NOTE that all players are in a default unarmed state while the "claw" weapon is equipped via lua script. For example Gordon is in his lab coat until he acquires his HEV suit, The scientists are also in their lab coats, Barney is in his regular office clothing, HECU soldiers are in their Green RECON boot camp uniforms, exc. This is only for the campaign maps where in the training maps & early maps the player will acquire the specific armor to be able to use any picked up weapons. They can not use any weapons until the armor is equipped which de equips the claw item. The claw in the campaign maps will actually heal friendly players and NPCs and cause a small amount of damage to enemy's.

The specific armor types are listed below but for now here are the teams.

C.T. = Black Mesa Personnel

1) Gordon Freeman in HEV MK4 suit
unarmed "claw"
armed "no claw"

2) Barney Calhoun AKA Black Mesa Security with B.M. Kevlar & Helmet.
unarmed "claw"
armed "no claw"

3) Black Mesa Scientist (African American) In HEV MK4 suit
unarmed "claw"
armed "no claw" (yes I know its from life's end but u get the idea)

Black Mesa Scientist (white) In HEV MK4 suit with helmet
unarmed "claw"
armed "no claw"

T. = U.S.M.C. Hazardous Environment Combat Unit.

1) Gas mask Marine
unarmed "claw"
armed "no claw"

2) Recon Marine with red beret
unarmed "claw"
armed "no claw"

Ski Mask marine AKA
balaclava model
unarmed "claw"

armed "no claw"

4) African American Marine AKA Cigar model
unarmed "claw"
armed "no claw"

Different armor/equipment.

1) Kevlar/Kevlar & Helmet =
B.M. Security Kevlar/Kevlar & Helmet with sprites. (de equips when depleted)

2) Regular armor =
HECU Powered Combat Vest with backpack
HD Grunt with vest + backpack
Powered Combat Vest

2) Medium armor = H.E.V. Mark 4 suit

3) Stealth armor = Female Black Ops cloaking device

4) Medic armor = HECU PCV vest + helmet with red cross and field surgeons kit

Weapons list

C.Q.C. weapons

1) Knife = Crowbar

2) Machete = Opposing Force Combat Knife

3) Wrench = Opposing Force red pipe wrench

4) Chainsaw = Acetylene+Oxygen cutting/welding Torch with yellow and grey gas tanks

Side arms

1) Glock = Glock 18C with tactical flash light

2) USP = Glock 27C with suppressor (since original Black Ops Suppressed Glock had only 12 rounds)

3) Sig P228 = Sig P220 or P228 possibly even Beta Glock

4) D.Eagle = Colt Python .357 Revolver or IMI .357 / .50cal IE D.Eagle (both will have working Laser sights for death match and OP4 campaign)

5) Elite = Valve HD Pack Beretta M9 (92FS)

6) FN 5-7 = Valve LD Glock 17


1) M3 = Valve HD SPAS-12 or LD Combat Shotgun

2) XM-1014 = LD Combat Shotgun or 7-COOP SPAS-12

SMG's / PDW's

1) TMP = MP5K SD or MP5A3SD

2) Mac-10 = 7-COOP MP5A3 with aim point

3) MP-5 = HK UMP-45 with 30 round mag. or HK SMG2

4) UMP-45 = TDI Kriss Super V .45 ACP (semi auto variant due to UMPs slow rate of fire)

5) FN P-90 = HL1 Beta MP5SD M203, LD Retail MP5A3 M203, or EOD MP5 (With grenade launcher script to fire grenades via the grenade launcher (M-203A1) as secondary fire mode)

Assault Rifles, Carbines, Sniper Rifles, Exc.

1) FAMAS = Colt AR-15/16 or M-16A1 or A3 ( May also be a custom SCAR-H CQB)

2) IMI Galil = M-16A3 or SCAR-L

3) M4A1 = HK-416, M4 CQB model, or Colt Commando

4) AK-47 = Valve HD M4A1 M203 or Green Alpha M4A1 (With grenade launcher script to fire grenades via the grenade launcher (M-203A1) as secondary fire mode)

5) AUG A1 =
Colt AR-16 or M-16A2 with Colt 4x24 optical scope on the carry handle

5) Sig 552 = M-16A4 with ACOG, SCAR-L with ACOG, or M16A2 with Colt 4x24 optical scope

6) Scout = HL1 Crossbow AKA X-Bow with double stack magazine holding 10 bolts

7) AI AWP = Opposing Force M40A1 or OP4 Redux M40A3 with 10 round magazine

8) Sig 550 = M-16A2 or Colt AR-15/16 with NcStar 3-9X40 sniper scope

9) G3/SG-1 = Marine M-14 DMR or Navy M-14 E.B.R. Mark 14 Mod. 0

Heavy & Special Weapons

1) M249 = Cut Beta Mini gun or Opposing Force M-249

2) RPG = HL1 Laser Guided RPG or Laser Guided SMAW 153 (rockets will possibly be steerable with secondary laser mode via lua script & red laser beam sprite)

3) Flame Thrower = Gluon Gun thanks to OLAFs awesome gluon gun script

4) Grenade Launcher = M203A1 40mm Grenade launcher (via lua will be the secondary fire modes for both the P90 = MP5 M203 and AK47 = M4 M203 as well as a stand alone weapon)

5) Laser = Tau/Gauss Gun

6) Rocket Launcher = HL1 M-202/203 FLASH rocket turret

Grenades & other throwaway weapons

1) HE Grenade = HL1 Mark 2 Frag. Grenade

2) Flash bang = Cut HL1 Flash grenade

3) Smoke Grenade = M-18 Smoke Grenade

4) Molotov Cocktail = Beer bottle Molotov

5) Air Strike = Red M-18 smoke grenade marker for air or mortar strike

6) Gas Grenade = Tear gas or Serin Nerve Gas Canister/Grenade

7) snowball = Spore Grenade & possibly Spore launcher with sprite and lua script

8) Flare = HL1 cut flare

Items (both standard & lua based sprites)

1) bandage = morphine shot, pain pills, or cut beta antidote

2) Medkit = HL1 Medkit

3) HEV/PCV Battery (lua + sprite)

So yea this pretty much sums up every thing that my final pack may or may not include. Sounds will be included for all weapons, players, and other little details like the radio and foot steps over various materials.

As another note I may make a super def. version of this pack for those of you who prefer a bit of realism in your gaming experience.

hyakushiki09 - - 104 comments

I knew it that you wrote this Phenixtri you always write lots of thing eheheheh

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Phenixtri Author
Phenixtri - - 3,414 comments

Yea Its a bit different from my original one but yea its hard to choose which weapon will be reskined as and what would fit the Half Life universe the best since there are so many extra weapons.

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Phenixtri Author
Phenixtri - - 3,414 comments

Just made some minor changes but yea back to work for me. :)

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roster312 - - 850 comments

YEah but we are still missing the M134 Minigun & FNF2000,Gas Mask

I also want to recommend a mini extra to the gas greande as a purple chumtoad

Im more intrested when EngiN33r will release his Custom Weapon script that we can finaly use to make weapons like Egon & Gauss guns...

We are also missing the SNARKS... but i will think about them LATER

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NoKe - - 55 comments

hmm... i think you should put the minigun normal,for the coop maps
like sven co-op,that game has a minigun

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Phenixtri Author
Phenixtri - - 3,414 comments

given the last update for CS2D added both the minigun and satchel charges those weapons can easily be added and the M-249 would best remain as the OP4 M-249 SAW.

But as the front page says ive quit the project and shelved all my work ... who knows I may or may not finish it and possibly release it in the future. As is tho its all still very low quality beta work in terms of the shading ...

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NoKe - - 55 comments

gas mask:no idea

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