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Here the Phase II of the big dev diary, i hope you will enjoy my work!

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In this diary you will see: 

(1) New focus tree to england (in alpha version)

(2) New events 

(3) New portraits 

(4) New technology tree (in alpha version)
(5) New buildings 

(6) New divisions and oob 

Hello everyone, this is the Phase II of the "Big" Dev Diary, I hope you will enjoy this diary!

### IMPORTANT:Our team critical need any sort of developers and coders, if you interested in our project and you have minimum of skills you can join our team. ###


  • England focus tree (in development)

So , this is the "Pre-Alpha" focus tree, it means that this focus will change, i put it here because i want to show you that our mod make progress))

  • Events

Our team from 3 people made some events, it was hard but we did it, and now i want to show you our progress!

Also: Yes in some places localziation is not good, but remember this is only Alpha version of all this events, we will try to improve all.


European conference and collapse:

The new crisis and changes have come to Europe, most of the German confederative "puppets" (countries in the EC) have been rushed and people who hate the main Hegemon (like in france and voscoslavia) after all this in 2060 the european majors (Germany, France, Italy and Vostochnoslavia) created a conference to solve the main problems of the european system and finish the crisis in all europe politics:

Chinese events:

What i can write here, china have a lot of options in their politic system, and here some events to this:

Pacific Decision:

USA, country that conquer all of north america and set "Strong Hand" in the north. Howewer in 2035 they didn't win cold war, Neo republican party was very weak and the new political power won and came to USA in 2035: The Confederation. First of all they dissolved NATO for its own benefit and concentrate on american region (Created their alliance) . So why i told this, the confederation decited to create Pacific confederation in 2042 to solve problem with riots and economic crisis, and they have succeeded.

But now USA government want to reclaim all their "lost" teritories and annex Pacific, what will be next? Will pacific became free from USA? Only the future will decide this...

German Revolution:

Here will be a different options to this event, different ideologies and etc. The german revolution will be the major and important event to all world, and only the risght decisions can prevent it, or you can cause it what ever but the brotherhood says IT WILL BE FUN!

  • Portraits

To be honest we don't have any graphich developer so the most graphich thing i doing by my self so please don't Judge me strictly, i trying to all of my best, So let's get to the point i made some new portraits and some nice flags, so enjoy!)

  • Tehnology tree (In alpha version/development)

Finally new tehnology tree is came to dev diary, so the most work i did in infantry section/region, i know need to put some new textures and etc. (i did it alone), don't worry i will add all in future, Also form now i will going to concentrate on all technology tree to do the futuristic style, So enjoy my work!

  • New buildings

I did more clean and nice buildings, also with GOOD localization and their EFFECTS, enjoy)

  • New divisions and textures

So what i can say here, i did new textures to divisions and new templates to all nations (the progress of units is going well), so here it is:

Ok this is the end of the Big dev diary, i hope you enjoyed and rate my work, good luck and i will see you soon with new news and teasers.



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