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I have now released the mod on moddb proper. No need to download via GameJolt!

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Moving to back to Moddb

Greetings, test subjects, it's Fennecai, the lead (and basically only) developer of this mod.

I am just writing a super quick update article here to inform everyone that I have decided to move the mod back to Moddb, and I've now added the download of it- this is the same file you would have originally gotten on GameJolt, but I've deleted the GameJolt page due to an increasing personal dislike for that site as a whole.

the mod can now be downloaded here: Check out the files section

In addition, I would also like to use this opportunity to promote my ongoing Portal 2 Workshop series, based on the old version of this mod, called "Lost Between Floors," which you can find here:

"Lost Between Floors" map-pack on the Steam Workshop

In regards to future updates...

Although it is an extremely low priority on my to-do list, this mod may still receive another small update in the future to remove/replace the easter eggs that were in the mod, due to their ties with a music artist/band I no longer wish to promote. additionally, some very minor tweaks may be added in that same update if it ever happens.

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