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Running with Rifles beta 0.93 coming out in a matter of weeks!

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Long time no see! We've been taking a bit of extra time to improve RWR over a longer stretch recently before hitting Steam Early Access. Version 0.93 will be released soon (hating that word as much as you do), within 1-2 weeks I dare say, soon to follow with an updated demo and 0.94 for Steam. Also it's that voting time of the year again, so give us a thumbs up by clicking somewhere on that enormous banner at 2013 IOTY awards - cheers!

One of the bigger changes coming in 0.93 is the new inventory view. The new approach is more fluent to use with item type based arrangement and shortcuts on mouse buttons, and we also wanted to make it less obtrusive with the floating design.

Beta 0.93 sneak peek

Another big changer is the way how the campaign is played out from now on. Previously the system was a linear sequence of maps, not a very open world approach, so now it will allow more free adventuring to ensue instead by traveling between maps using marked extraction points. Conveniently it also enables retreating when it seems you're hitting a dead end.

In the combat toolset, a sticky remote-detonable C4 explosive has been added for destroying static targets such as radio towers now featured in certain maps. It also sticks on to vehicles allowing to execute certain stunts or create traps - can see plenty of hilarity coming up in online because of this! The grenade launcher, M79, has been added in the available set as a new primary weapon type too. Moreover, the complete faction specific weapon sets are now in, so all three factions have their unique weapons.

In addition to these major changes, the minor changes go almost in hundreds!

Beta 0.93 sneak peek

Once we're done with 0.93, quick update 0.94 for Steam and all the promo video work, 0.95 will feature some exciting changes as well. We'll be adding the mini-bosses, strong high rank enemy AI bots with different outfits to create that occasional disrupt in balance, and also the final stage battle setups for campaign to mark a proper ending for defeating another faction. Some new quests/objectives for the campaign will be added as well, and I hope I can get around to teach the AI to utilize the sandbag barrier construction soon too.

Have faith my fellow runners, 0.93 is almost there, then we'll do everything we can to get RWR in Steam Early Access as soon as possible!

agrenas - - 73 comments

woah,i feel like this is one of the underrated games. Looking forward for this update.

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PetrenkaPie - - 1,040 comments

underrated? it feels like some conspiracy-theory-like new world order is trying to stop this game from getting well-known. i mean, it truely deserves it! (being well-known)

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OhNoesBunnies! - - 1,210 comments

...Take of your tinfoil hats, kittens.

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JackMayol - - 116 comments

One of my favorite game of all time (Moonbase commander) won the "Best of 2002: The Game No One Played" award. Would be a tragedy to come to this with RWR as the critics are pretty good but the game is still not very well known although we made quite some promo effort here and there.
Being on Steam as early access title should be the turning point, at least we hope so and hope dies last!

PS: don't forget to vote for RWR at the indiedb game of the year award 2013 !

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CrashToDesktop - - 1,241 comments

I can vouch for this being one of the biggest updates, JUST from the content. XD

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Kyp724 - - 1 comments

I can't believe I didn't know about this game until now. This is amazing

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