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Boolba Entertainment announcing the Kickstarter campaign of True Mining Simulator – a PC game allowing you to sell your kidney, when you are out of money (cryptocurrency as well). A real-like mining simulator, where player will experience all the problems that day to day cryptocurrency miners encounter.

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It was long way for us so far - developing the game, polishing it, preparing the materials, and finally it's here - we want to show a fast-growing market of cryptocurrencies in our game: how from electricity and videocards non-existent money are extracted, which later are exchanged for real ones and are spent in the most unexpected way

The player needs to monitor his equipment, predict (or guess) the behavior of floating exchange rates, plan farm and entertainment expenses, quickly solve incoming problems (for example – extinguishing burning video cards), fight stress with the help of alcohol and chaste girls. And if something goes wrong, you can always sell the kidney.

For the first time the game was demonstrated to the public at the international game conference DevGAMM in Minsk. Now we are working on Kickstarter, and our next step is alpha version of the game, and it will be released summer 2018.

Support us on Kickstarter campaign page!

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