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The first ever teaser of new content. Or is it now?

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I̸͈̅̔̂t̵̥̓'̵̭̀s̷̙̕͜͜ ̵͓̊́͠b̷͙͒e̷͌ͅẻ̴̜͙̖̍ǹ̴̛̖̩ ̵̮̜̯͘ā̸̯ ̶͔͚̭̀ẁ̵̼͛̓ͅh̷̩̉͊i̶̧̛̿̀l̶̢͉͛è̷̪̹͑͂.̸̡̩̥̂

I've got a couple of teasers for you guys.

Since I got a lot of work to do for school and I've been demotivated recently, there hasn't been much progress. Take this, I guess.

Do I really need to say more? ... I hope you're content because this is probably the only time in a while you're going to hear from me.

... who is it behind this nonsensical wall of text, you ask? I wonder too.




I think I have breathing problems. Do I even breathe?


How do I explain this? I'm just sick.

I apologize. I might take my leave.

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